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# Overview of the Situation


I am a young investor from Croatia in my mid-twenties, and I recently made a decision to invest in VUAA through the Trading 212 app. However, I have come across a dilemma as VUAA is traded in both the London stock exchange in USD and in Italy in EUR.

# Analysis of Currency Options

My personal belief is that USD will emerge as the stronger currency in the long run, and that is where I am placing my bet. Despite my own speculation, I am curious if there are any other factors to consider when contemplating investing in the EUR-denominated VUAA.

# Query Regarding Conversion Costs

As a relatively new investor, I am still navigating the complexities of the investment world. I am particularly concerned about potential conversion costs that I may incur when dealing with multiple currencies.

AI Legalese Decoder can help shed light on the terms and conditions associated with currency conversion fees for trading in different currencies. By utilizing this tool, investors can gain a clearer understanding of the potential costs involved in investing in VUAA in USD versus EUR, and make well-informed decisions based on accurate information.

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  • uno_ke_va

    In this case, it doesn’t matter: the value will be (indirectly) determined by the NAV, and that is always USD, so just buy whatever has lower commissions for you. If the ETF were currency hedged it would be a different topic, but for the long term it is also not recommended to buy hedged ETFs.

  • RawbGun

    > I personally believe USD will be the stronger currency in the long term and that is my bet. Now, my bet aside, is there any other reason why I should consider investing in the EUR VUAA?

    Investing in the EUR or USD version doesn’t change anything if you’re going to be living in Europe and spending euros: you are exposed to the same forex risk either way (if the dollar gets stronger you get better performance, if it gets weaker you get worse performance) on both exchanges

    The only major difference is that you’re going to have to pay fees to convert your EUR to USD in order to buy VUAA, and then more fees to convert back when selling it, whereas letting the fund manager convert it themselves will generally result in almost no fees (part of the TER). So as a European investor I would recommend investing in EUR products

  • tajsta

    >I personally believe USD will be the stronger currency in the long term and that is my bet.

    This is a highly risky bet. Especially since previous global reserve currency holders like the UK devalued their currency to pay off their debts, which is something that the US might pursue in the future too, given their catastrophic amount of debt.

  • howtheydoingit

    One thing to keep in mind with USD ETFs (and likely other ones too) is that the withholding needs to be in place and accurate to the tax rules of the ETF’s authoring country. Failing to do this means you’ll need to file a tax return even if you got pennies of dividend returns.