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Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management Backs Bill to Improve Licensing Process

SAINT PAUL, Minn. ÔÇö The Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management, the new agency tasked with oversight of newly legal marijuana, is backing a bill that aims to make adjustments to the law in order to enhance the licensing process, ensure a timely market launch, and regulate the industry effectively.

The proposed changes to how the agency would approve state licenses for cannabis businesses have sparked a heated debate among stakeholders.

The current law instructs the office to develop a points system for evaluating business license applications, taking into account factors like experience in the cannabis industry, business plans, safety measures, and others.

With an effort to provide opportunities for individuals disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition, applications from “social equity applicants” are given a scoring boost. This is a key goal set by bill authors and advocates supporting legalization.

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However, the interim director of the cannabis office, Charlene Briner, has expressed concerns about the subjectivity of the merit-based system currently in place, suggesting it might lead to potential legal challenges. The alternative proposed by her office involves a lottery system, which she believes would eliminate the subjective risks associated with the current system.

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Applications would undergo a vetting process to ensure they meet the necessary requirements before entering the lottery, with priority given to social equity applicants. While this proposal aims to address concerns about fairness and transparency, some advocates fear it may not fully achieve social equity goals.

Many industry experts and advocates have raised issues with the potential for large operators to exploit the system, similar to what happened in Arizona, where corporate dispensaries won a significant portion of social equity licenses.

Another provision in the bill would introduce temporary licenses for businesses, with the goal of expediting the market launch by allowing applications as early as this summer. These temporary licenses would only be available to social equity applicants, with a set number being distributed through a lottery system.

If granted, businesses with temporary licenses could transition to official licenses once the general application process opens up for state-approved growers, manufacturers, and retailers.

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