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The State of the Cryptocurrency Market This Week

Bitcoin (BTC) faced some minor setbacks despite a late attempt to recover from the bearish pressure it experienced throughout the week. In comparison, altcoins focusing on artificial intelligence like Worldcoin (WLD) and SingularityNET (AGIX) saw moderate gains.

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization saw a slight uptick of 1.26%, adding over $30 billion to reach a total of $2.4 trillion at the latest evaluation. This increase was predominantly driven by the performance of prominent altcoins during the latter part of the week.

Bitcoin’s Journey to $59k and Beyond

Bitcoin’s week began with a continued downtrend from the previous week, leading to a decrease of over 5% in just seven days. Despite maintaining a position above $65,000 initially, the primary cryptocurrency saw significant declines, closing below the 50-day EMA on April 16.

For the first time since January, Bitcoin experienced an intraday close below the 50 EMA, shifting market sentiment from bullish to bearish. On April 17, amidst the bearish pressure, BTC retested the $59,000 range for the first time since March 4, resulting in a 4% drop but eventually recovering the $60,000 level.

Interestingly, the drop to $59,000 acted as a springboard for Bitcoin’s resurgence, leading to a 3.65% gain on April 18. Despite ongoing bearish pressure, BTC maintained its upward trajectory until the day of the halving on April 20.

After hitting a high of $65,450 post-halving, Bitcoin continued to trade at a loss for the week. Presently, BTC stands at $64,962, a marginal 1.19% decrease from the beginning of the week but above the 50-day EMA ($64,577).

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SingularityNET’s Struggle and Triumph

SingularityNET faced challenges during the previous week’s downtrend, culminating in a break below its 50-day EMA on April 12 and a drop to a six-week low of $0.6070 on the following day. Despite a minor recovery, AGIX continued to decline this week, with a 5.41% drop on April 15.

Chart data revealed that AGIX had been trading within a symmetrical triangle for three weeks, with bearish and bullish forces at play. The token hit a low of $0.7666 on April 18 before staging a comeback, culminating in a 15.40% spike on April 20 to breach the upper trendline and cross the 50-day EMA.

AGIX remains in an uptrend, leveraging key support levels and Fibonacci retracement levels to sustain its momentum and potentially breach the $1 mark in the near future.

Worldcoin’s Battle for $6 and Market Sentiments

Worldcoin, an AI-centric token, displayed notable movements throughout the week. Despite an initial drop of 6.88% on April 15, Worldcoin quickly regained ground with a 6.16% recovery the following day. The tussle between buyers and sellers persisted until a significant rally on April 20, where it hit a one-week high of $5.66.

On-chain data suggests that Worldcoin may struggle to surpass the $6 threshold, which it relinquished the previous week. Reclaiming this level would require overcoming a substantial sell wall, posing a challenge for WLD in the short term.

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Despite facing resistance, Worldcoin continues to show signs of potential growth, as indicated by its current RSI and market conditions. With strategic market movements and broader market support, Worldcoin aims to break through the $6 barrier in the near future.

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