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## Court Approves Freezing of Craig Wright’s Assets

A recent ruling in a United Kingdom court has authorized the freezing of 6.7 million British pounds ($8.4 million) of Craig Wright’s assets in order to prevent him from evading court expenses. This decision comes in the wake of Wright’s attempt to transfer assets outside of the U.K. following a court judgment that refuted his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive founder of Bitcoin (BTC).

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## Judge’s Concerns Over Asset Transfer

Judge James Mellor expressed serious concerns over Wright’s actions, particularly the transfer of shares of his London firm, RCJBR Holding, to a Singaporean entity. These actions raised red flags for the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), leading to the approval of a “worldwide freezing order” to cover the 6.7 million British pounds in court expenses.

## COPA’s Mission and Lawsuit Against Wright

Established in 2020, COPA aims to promote the adoption and advancement of cryptocurrency technologies while eliminating patents as a hindrance to growth and innovation. With notable members such as Coinbase, Block, Meta, and others, COPA took legal action against Wright in April 2021 after a court ruling debunked his claim to be Nakamoto.

## Wright’s Controversial legal Actions

Wright’s legal saga includes a lawsuit against Bitcoin Core developers and prominent companies for copyright violations related to the Bitcoin white paper. This move has drawn criticism from the Bitcoin legal Defense Fund, which highlights the harmful impact of abusive lawsuits on Bitcoin contributors and development efforts. Wright’s attempt to secure U.S. copyright registration for the Bitcoin white paper further complicates the legal landscape.

## Bitcoin White Paper’s Open-Source License

Despite the legal battles and controversies surrounding the Bitcoin white paper, it is now protected under an MIT open-source license, allowing for its free use and modification by anyone. This open-source approach underscores the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and fosters innovation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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