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## Recent Experience with DoorDash Subscription

A few months ago, I encountered an issue with my DoorDash subscription, which led to some complications regarding the renewal process.

I have been a sporadic subscriber to DashPass, mainly activating it only when I anticipated making multiple orders within a month. However, I always made sure to cancel the subscription immediately after activation to prevent automatic renewal.

To add an extra layer of security, I used a prepaid card with minimal funds solely for the subscription payments. The card remained empty unless there was an upcoming payment, in which case I would transfer just enough funds to cover it shortly before the due date.

Despite my precautions, at the end of the month, DoorDash attempted to renew my subscription by charging the prepaid card. Since there were insufficient funds, the payment failed. Additionally, I received a notification from my bank about the unsuccessful charge, revealing that DoorDash had tried to process the payment through a different card associated with my account.

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  • Particular-Try5584

    It’s almost certainly in their terms and conditions (I haven’t read them, but have read Uber’s etc, they are all relatively similar)
    There’s two questions here:
    Can they still charge my card after I have cancelled the service? Yes, it’s probably in their terms and conditions that if you use the service it constitutes an agreement to use the service. Did you set it up, get your first month, then cancel… then keep using the service within that free month? Then it probably reactivated the service.
    Can they charge my mums card for it? Yes, if your mum’s card was activated on your account then probably – there will be a clause that states that they can use any card activated on your account to recover costs.

    Finally: be aware that if you keep using subscription services like this they also usually have a clause where they can permanently ban you from it – it’s gaming the system, getting multiple free months fraudulently – it is supposed to be a one month *trial* not a ‘one month free I turn on every other month’. They semi regularly do mass data sweeps looking for users like yourself and deny you services or discounts in the future because you are obviously not profitable and not following the terms and conditions (Which is that this is a one month trial).

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  • Nelaprincessknight

    How did you go with this ? Have you contacted google pay?