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Oakland’s Cinderella Run Comes to an End

Somebody’s Cinderella run had to end early, and on Saturday, it was Oakland’s turn. The 14th-seeded Golden Grizzlies put up a valiant fight against NC State in a second-round overtime thriller at the NCAA tournament. In the end, the 11th-seeded Wolfpack emerged victorious with a score of 79-73, becoming the first double-digit seed this year to advance to the Sweet 16.

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Oakland Battles Back, NCSU Prevails in Overtime

Despite trailing for most of the game, Oakland managed to fight back and even took the lead briefly thanks to standout performances from Taylor Townsend and Jack Gohlke. However, NC State ultimately prevailed in a tight back-and-forth battle that extended into overtime.

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DJ Burns Shines for NC State

Senior center DJ Burns Jr. played a pivotal role in NC State’s victory with an impressive performance in the post. His dominance on the court, along with the contributions of other Wolfpack players, propelled the team to the Sweet 16.

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Townsend and Gohlke’s Heroics Not Enough

Despite the stellar efforts of Taylor Townsend and Jack Gohlke, Oakland fell short against NC State’s strong team performance. Townsend’s scoring prowess and Gohlke’s exceptional shooting were not sufficient to overcome the Wolfpack’s determined play.

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