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### Juul Labs seeks to raise $1 billion in fundraising effort

E-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs has reportedly initiated a fundraising effort to raise approximately $1 billion, according to Bloomberg News. The company’s move comes as it aims to protect its business, refinance an existing loan, and combat ongoing lawsuits related to the marketing of its e-cigarettes.

Juul Labs had announced in July last year that it was exploring various financing alternatives to address the legal challenges it faced. The company’s objective was to ensure the stability of its operations while tackling the litigation surrounding its product promotions. Consequently, in November, Juul acquired funding from its early investors to stay afloat amidst these difficulties. As part of the consolidation process, the firm also implemented cost-cutting measures, which included reducing its operating budget and eliminating approximately 400 job positions.

To facilitate this latest fundraising endeavor, Juul has joined forces with Jefferies Financial Group Inc, a prominent financial institution. The collaboration with Jefferies is expected to support Juul in securing the desired amount. It is worth noting that Juul’s revenue in 2022 amounted to around $800 million.

Neither Juul Labs nor Jefferies Financial Group Inc has yet responded to Reuters’ request for comment regarding this development.

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