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## Are you still waiting on your claim? Or have you conquered the VBA Juggernaut?

Have you been patiently waiting for your claim to be processed, or did it zoom through the system this week? Use this thread to share your experience with the VA claims process and celebrate your victory against the VBA Juggernaut!

For those who have successfully navigated the claims process, consider sharing your story in our sister subreddit: r/VeteransSuccess.

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– Submitted/received date:
– Initial review date:
– Evidence gathering/review date:
– PFD date:
– PDA date:
– PFN date:
– Completed date:
– Misc details:

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  • Seasonal-drink

    HLR Conference Today (wish me luck)

    Original claim filed October 2023.

    Denied 1/13/24.

    HLR Filed 1/14/24

    HLR Granted 2/19/24 but wrong effective date

    Supplemental claim filed 2/21/24

    Supplemental claim denied 3/11/24

    HLR submitted 3/19/24

    Wish me luck!

  • TheFoxfool

    Type of claim: New

    Submitted/received date: 12/08/23

    Initial review date: 12/08/23

    Evidence gathering/review date: 12/14/23

    PFD date: N/A

    PDA date: N/A

    PFN date: N/A

    Completed date: N/A

    Misc details: Had my C&P on Wednesday 03/27/24 and 3 DBQ’s were submitted Saturday. MST/Mental Health claim due to Schizoaffective Disorder (Depressive Type), previously diagnosed as MDD.

    Think I’m officially in the waiting phase.

  • Eviljake979

    * Type of claim: Initial
    * Submitted/received date: 8/24/23
    * Completed date: 4/1/24
    * Misc details: Filed for 16 total conditions. Still have supplementals for herniated disc in back, hip strains, radiculopathy in both legs, and PTSD. Was originally denied on all but 5 conditions (sleep apnea, gallbladder removal, scarring, tinnitus, and other specified trauma with MDD), which were deferred.

    Unless it is an elaborate April Fools joke, I was approved for tinnitus (10%) and other specified trauma (50%) for a 60% total. I’m really pleased. I still plan on pursuing the sleep apnea and gallbladder, maybe as secondary to my mental issues. Plus, I’m really hoping for a good result with my supplemental. My doctor is putting off writing me a nexus on my back and hips with radiculopathy because I think he’s super busy, but now I can always pay for one if I need it. And for some reason, they split my PTSD claim into two different things. I didn’t have an “official” diagnosis of PTSD, but I do now. I know it will pyramid or whatever, but if I could get that to 70%, I think it might be a bit more accurate to my actual mental conditions.

    With the back and other stuff still ongoing, I’m hoping I can get close to 100% when it’s all said and done. I’m in Illinois, so 70% would eliminate my property taxes. I’ve got to strategize some on seeing what I can do as far as secondary conditions and stuff, but I am very happy with this result so far.

    I did 4 years active, 22 guard, deployed basically every chance I got until I retired. I feel like this is deserved. I won’t get my retirement until I’m 59, but having this now is amazing for me. And my wife will get it if something happens. I’m extremely happy. I was thinking that I would have problems with all those years guard, but I really did deploy a lot and went through a lot in those 26 years. I’m just trying to get what I feel is owed to me.

  • Trail_King

    I have been working for the past 6-9 months to get my rating. I retired from the USAF back in 2013 and took a job deploying. While deployed I missed my VA C&P appointment. From everything I had been told, that was it. End of the road. Well, turns out that isn’t true. So, I began to file claims for any and everything I felt was even closely related to what I thought I was entitled to. The appointments started to come in over the next couple weeks and months. It started with a 10% rating and I thought I hit the jack pot! Then another for an additional 20%. Well, today I log into my VA account and at the top of the banner it shows my rating is now 80%! I have reached where I think I should be rated and have everything covered that I filed for. Moral of the story, never give and keep fighting the good fight. Get what you are entitled to!

  • New-Tumbleweed-6066

    Really hoping we’re getting to the end here.

    • Type of claim: Initial

    • ⁠Submitted/received date: 5 Aug 2023

    • ⁠Initial review date: 7 Aug 2023

    • Evidence gathering/review date: 8 Aug 2023

    • C&P: 25 Aug 2023, 26 Aug 2023, 20 Oct 2023, 1 Mar 2024, 27 Mar 2024

    • PFD date: 28 Mar 2024

    • PDA date: n/a

    • ⁠PFN date: n/a

    • Completed date: n/a, see Supplemental

    • Misc details: Filed tinnitus, respiratory issues, PTSD-MST, and IBS. Partial denial IBS 8 Dec 2023, see Supplemental. Got private diagnosis of rhinitis w/polyps, chronic sinusitis, and asthma.

    Now I’m fighting the denial too.

    • Type of claim: Supplemental

    • ⁠Submitted/received date: 25 Mar 2024

    • ⁠Initial review date: n/a

    • Evidence gathering/review date: n/a

    • ⁠PFD date: n/a

    • PDA date: n/a

    • PFN date: n/a

    • ⁠Completed date: n/a

    • Misc details: After a verbal C&P then denial for not having IBS diagnosis, I sought civilian care. After a ton of testing I found I have a rare pancreas disorder (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) that I have no medical explanation for its cause. I submitted a supplemental with a current diagnosis, DBQ, 4 test results, and a personal statement. Really hoping this is enough.

  • Twodrops

    * Type of claim: Original, claiming 5 things
    * Submitted/received date: 11 DEC 23
    * Initial review date: 12 DEC 23
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 15 DEC 23
    * PFD date: 1 MAR 24
    * PDA date: N/A
    * PFN date: N/A
    * Completed date: N/A
    * Misc details: No temp jurisdiction yet.

  • Kei__

    * Type of claim: Increase
    * Submitted/received date: **February 23, 2024**
    * Initial review date: **February 23, 2024**
    * Evidence gathering/review date: **February 27, 2024**
    * PFD date: **March 12, 2024**
    * PDA date: **March 14, 2024**
    * PFN date: March 30th, 2024
    * Completed date: April 1, 2024 (100% P&T thank god)
    * Misc details: Increase for MH

  • Odinspark117

    * Type of claim: New
    * Submitted/received date:(intent date 08/23) official date 2023-10-27
    * Initial review date:2023-11-08
    * Evidence gathering/review date:2023-11-28(2024-03-15)
    * PFD date:2023-12-20
    * PDA date:2024-03-08
    * PFN date:2024-03-14, 2024-03-27
    * Completed date:
    * Misc details: Been sitting on my second PFN since the 27th. Needless to say its been a long weekend. as of 10 AM today still no letter on the app/website. The only thing i am worried about is that i finally went to the Ebenifits site and it has my headaches listed as TERA instead of secondary so in my head that gonna be a denial because i dont qualify for TERA to my knowledge. I even mentioned in my C&P that i was claiming my headaches secondary. Maybe im reading to much into it. Either way im waiting for this to close out so i cna hit up my local VSO for assistance in getting my Knee approved. Good luck to everybody!

    7 claims (tinnitus(APPROVED), migraine(relabeled as tension headaches)(DEFERED), knee condition(DENIED though service connected event proved), both wrists(DEFERED), Sleep Apnea(DENIED), back pain(DENIED).)

    CNP Exams 2023-11-22, 2023-12-08, 2023-12-12 (ACE EXAM 2024-03-21 no call)

  • nicknack317

    * Type of claim: Increase on one issue (PTSD r/t MST)
    * Submitted/received date: Submitted 12/1/2023
    * Initial review date: 12/2/2023
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 12/22/2023
    * PFD date: 2/11/2024
    * PDA date: N/A
    * PFN date: N/A
    * Completed date: N/A
    * Misc details: VERA call on 3/29/2024, stated I should have a decision in 10 days which sounded like a load of crap since it’s still in NWQ. I am at 122 days today

  • Semper_get_backup

    Type of claim: (New, Original, Supplemental, Increase, etc)- New
    Received date: 08/10/2023
    Initial review date: 01/07/2024
    Evidence gathering/review date: 01/24/2024
    PFD date: n/a
    PDA date: n/a
    PFN date: n/a
    Completed date: n/a
    Misc details: This is my first claim. Been discharged from the Corps over 30yrs. No movement since 01/24/2024. VERA told me last week they have everything they need, but the MST/PTSD claims as we know are slower. I do have foot and wrist issues claimed too. No C&P yet. Mine got stuck as I filed in 2022, and I’m really hoping for something positive to start happening. I’m trying to hang in there and wait patiently, but it’s tough.

  • Latter_Sherbet6581

    Type of claim: initial
    • Submitted/received date: 09/19/2023
    • Initial review date:11/28/2023
    • Evidence gathering/review date:12/01/2023
    • PFD date:none
    • PDA date:none
    • PFN date:none
    • Completed date:none
    Still stuck at gathering evidence for some reason even though all my exams have been submitted for months.

  • Any-Main-2330

    Two Claims

    •. Type of claim: HLR/DTA

    • ⁠Submitted/received date: 4-12-2023

    • ⁠Initial review date: n/a

    • ⁠Evidence gathering/review date: November? – Ace Exam 12/28/2023 – C&P Exam 3/16/2024

    • ⁠PFD date: 3/26/2024

    • ⁠PDA date: N/A

    • ⁠PFN date: N/A

    • ⁠Completed date:

    • ⁠Misc details: VERA let me know my claim was assigned a rater on 3/26. I’m assuming I’ll get a decision soon.

    Claim 2

    •. Type of claim: Supplemental

    • ⁠Submitted/received date: 2/26/2024

    • ⁠Initial review date:

    • ⁠Evidence gathering/review date: ACE Exam was on 3-6-2024 and it moved to decision phase

    • ⁠PFD date: N/A

    • ⁠PDA date: N/A

    • ⁠PFN date: N/A

    • ⁠Completed date: N/A

    • ⁠Misc details: this is for migraines. I don’t expect any movement until June or July.

  • Icy_Performance_2482

    * Type of claim: Increase: Sciatic Nerve Left Side New: PTSD
    * Submitted/received date: Intent 8/23 Filed 12/08/23
    * Initial review date: 12/11/2023
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 12/11/2023
    * PFD date: 03/06/2024
    * PDA date: N/A
    * PFN date: N/A
    * Completed date:
    * Misc details: Filed for Increase for Sciatic Nerve Left Side C&P was 2/6/2024 Doctor found other issues during the C&P exam and submitted a total of 3 DBQ’s on 2/27/24. New Claim for PTSD C&P was 3/4/24 DBQ was uploaded on 3/6/2024 claim went PFD the same day. So I an not so patiently waiting in line.

  • Dull_Recognition_645

    * Type of claim: Higher Level Review (HLR)
    * Submitted/received date: May 2023
    * Initial review date: May 2023
    * Evidence gathering/review date: August 2023
    * Duty To Assist Error: September 2023
    * C&P Exam: March 9, 2024
    * Ready For Decision date: March 11, 2024
    * Temp jurisdiction assigned: March 22, 2024
    * Still waiting for further movement. VERA told me last week they have everything they need but there’s a 30 day time frame that begins when they receive the C&P paperwork, so expect something around April 10, 2024.

  • ExNavyInHouston

    My HLR for Pact Act (TERA) asthma was finally rated. I was given 30% from back to Feb 22. And up to 60% this past January 2024.

  • snoh8r45

    The sad part is, this is all part of my initial claim in 2011. They denied my back claim because they found a fall in my records from 2013. But I filed in 2011 so I couldn’t possibly know I was going to fall two years later. They also never did a C&P for the back. After several years of fighting they finally gave me 40% but the American Legion stepped up and said we can do better. So, I appealed again. And the court agreed that my case had been messed up since day one and that I needed a C&P. That case was remanded in June of last year. They finally moved it along in December. I had a C&P in mid-December and all the notes were filed on 24 December. There is no reason that we should be approaching a year in this process. I’ve called VERA twice and they’ve been about as vague as the VA.

    I also have a dependency change that I filed in January of 24. It was rejected. Strange thing about that is that it was a request to remove my son who is no longer in college. No reason to reject that. And yet, they haven’t told me why they rejected it and keep sending me the payment. When I pointed out that the VA’s own website states that a dependency change usually takes 48 hours, the person on the phone told me that they no longer adhere to those time standards.

  • erinpc

    Type of Claim: Initial/Standard; 10 conditions submitted, still waiting on 2 conditions to be rated/determined

    ITF: 17 Feb 23

    Submitted: 7 Aug 23

    Initial Review: 8 Aug 23

    –> First four conditions were rated on 27 Dec 23, second two came in Jan 24. Awaiting last two. <–

    C&P: 12 Jan 24; this was actually the second C&P to assess the same conditions examined before (back in Aug/Sep/Oct or so).

    Evidence Gathering: 5 Feb 24

    PFD: 28 Mar 24

    PFN: 3 Apr 24 (one of my kid’s birthdays, so it’s especially joyous today!)

    Super excited that this first claim is **FINALLY** almost done!

  • AtLeastAsLikelyAsNot

    Type of claim: New (first ever) 

    Submitted/received date: 30 Oct 2023 

    Initial review date: Dec 2023 

    Evidence gathering/review date: Jan 2024 

    PFD date: 30 Mar 2024 

    PDA date: 1 Apr 2024 

    PFN date: 3 Apr 2024 

    Completed date: N/A 

    Misc details: keeps oscillating between PDA and PFN. Looks like an exam rework was ordered so possibly will be a partial decision or will get kicked back to PFD until the rework is complete.  They aren’t kidding when they say that PFN purgatory is rough!

  • chuddleston4

    Type of claim: initial

    Submitted/received date: 12/21/2023

    Initial review date: 11/16/2023

    Evidence gathering/review date: 03/08/2024

    PFD date: 03/08/2024

    PDA date: N/A

    PFN date: N/A

    Completed date: N/A

    Misc details: filed while still active, but not before the 90day mark to get in the expedited program that guarantees you get your rating before your final out. So then I was put into this other expedited program that should have guaranteed I got my rating 90 days after my final out which should have been 03/21/24. Still waiting. Been in PFD since 03/08/24. Feeling discouraged

  • Active-Bandicoot-83

    Type of claim: 1st new/sup 
    2nd supplemental 

    Submitted/received date: 11/1/23 & 1/17/24

    Initial review date:12/15/23 &1/18/24

    Evidence gathering/review date: 1/8/24 & unknown 

    PFD date:N/A

    PDA date:N/A

    PFN date:N/A

    Completed date: according to Vera 4/13/24 &4/30/24

    Misc details:1st C&P done on 1/31/24 didn’t upload u til 3/30/24

    2nd C&P 2/13/24 uploaded next day 

    3rd C&P 3/12/24 uploaded same day
    4th C&P 3/17/24 uploaded same day

    VERA call today said my supplemental is ready for decision and should be done by 4/13/24. 
    My first claim tenative 4/30/24 saw a note claim is over 150 days old and is waiting on a rater. 

  • navyranger123

    Type of Claim HLR submitted 27Oct2023

    HLR conference 11Mar2024 – done by my lawyer

    DTA error on both my MH claim and GERD claims

    14Mar2024 – VA identified errors

    VERA call on the 28th and they told me my next suspense date is 22Apr2024

    I started the MH and GERD claims back in Oct2022. First denials for both were Feb2023. Did a supplemental for MH secondary to my tinnitus with a Nexus letter and private DBQ. Denied again, rater went with the C&P examiner over my IMO. Rerouted with persoanl statement, buddy letters, medical journals and denied again Sept2023. Got tired of dealing with the VA and just got a lawyer to run this process back in Oct2023.

    I know there are plenty of success stories just DIY’ing it but I’m tired of it and will just let my lawyer take a cut so I can focus on other things.

  • Acrobatic-Lunch-6091

    Submitted 12/5/23
    Initial review 12/6/23
    C&P with VES 12/22/23
    PFD 12/27/23
    PFN N/A

    No temp jurisdiction. Tomorrow is 120 days since filing, 97 days PFD.

  • grantusmc

    * Type of claim: NEW Full Developed
    * Submitted/received date: March 27 2024
    * Initial review date: March 28th 2024
    * Evidence gathering/review date: April 2nd 2024
    * PFD date: n/a
    * PDA date: n/a
    * PFN date: n/a
    * Completed date:
    * Misc details: Filled Tinnitus (Nexus, personal stmt), Ptsd (nexus, buddy, Personal stmt), Rhinitis (personal stmt), Flat Feet (Nexus, Buddy, Personal stmt). Each of these have a diagnosis too. Albeit, most are very recent. Haven’t had any C&P’s yet. Claim has moved pretty quick so far.

  • ThreateningGiraffe

    Type of claim: New and Increase
    Submitted: December 22, 2023
    Initial Review Date: December 22, 2023
    Evidence Gathering/Review Date: March 15, 2024
    PFD Date:
    PDA Date:
    PFN Date:
    Completed Date:
    Misc Details: Currently in QTC purgatory. Providers say they have passed everything to QTC and QTC says they are waiting on provider. I’m calling both daily. This is my third claim. Initial was in 2016. Did another in 2018. After reviewing my records and reading this sub I am doing my third claim.

    Love this sub!

  • Kitchen-Influence888

    Jan 2022
    8/23 dta found
    2/13/24 exam done
    2/15 PFD

    Increase MH & Leg
    March 12
    C&p March 27
    PFD March 27 (says they recommended a decision just needs to be approved by a senior officer )

  • NoSize8467


    I’m not here to sway anyone, just sharing my success with REE

    ITF: 4/27/23

    Paid REE $2,400 (Memorial Day discount) 7/17/23

    Mini DBQs and questionnaire : 7/18/23

    Sent medical records and private medical records 7/26/23

    Contacted by REE to make an appointment with their doctor: 8/20/23

    Appointment date : 9/26/23

    Doc sends DBQ to VA: 11/27/2023

    Initial review : 11/27/23

    PFD: 12/4/23

    120 days later (Va taking too long, REE attorney sends 4138 for me to fax them)

    PDA: 4/1/24

    PFN: 4/2/24

    Complete: 4/2/24 100% P&T Total days after submitting 127 days