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## Lake County Partnership with Lexipol for Law Enforcement Agencies

The Lake County commissioners have recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Lexipol, a Texas-based company specializing in policy, training, and wellness support for public safety and government leaders. This partnership will bring Lexipol’s comprehensive policy management system to all 22 law enforcement agencies in the county.

### Collaboration and Coordination for Enhanced Law Enforcement

The collaboration was initiated by police chiefs in the county, many of whom had previous positive experiences with Lexipol’s solutions. Commissioner John Hamercheck played a central role in coordinating the effort, working closely with other commissioners, agency leaders, and community stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the program in 2022.

#### Building Trust and Accountability in Law Enforcement

The primary goal of this partnership, according to the Lake County board, is to build trust and accountability within law enforcement agencies at a time when police legitimacy is being questioned nationwide. By standardizing policies across the county and aligning them with state laws, court precedents, and best practices, the county aims to reassure residents that their law enforcement agencies are operating with transparency and consistency.

### Benefits of Standardized Policies and Enhanced Operations

Lexipol CEO Bill Nunan highlighted the significance of the partnership, noting that standardizing policies has simplified operations and improved interagency coordination in critical areas such as pursuits and mass-casualty incident response. Police chiefs, including Painesville Police Chief Dan Waterman, have praised the program for empowering them to better serve their communities and manage their agencies effectively.

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### Strengthening Community Trust and Engagement

Police chiefs have noted a positive impact on community trust and engagement since implementing Lexipol’s policies. Willoughby Police Chief James Schultz highlighted the community’s overwhelming support for the department, exemplified by a recent vote to fund the construction of a new police station. The partnership with Lexipol has not only improved departmental operations but also strengthened the bond between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

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