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Pinellas Park Ranks 38th in Top Small Towns for Small Businesses

a blue and white sign that says "Welcome to Pinellas Park, est. 1914."
Pinellas Park ranks 38th in Site Selection Magazine’s top 50 small towns to start a small business in its July edition.
City of Pinellas Park

Pinellas Park, located in Florida, has been recognized as one of the top small towns in the country for starting a small business. In the recent rankings published by Site Selection Magazine, Pinellas Park secured the 38th position out of 50. This achievement is significant considering the magazine’s influence in commercial real estate and economic development circles nationwide.

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Pinellas Park is the only jurisdiction in Pinellas County to make it to the list. However, it is not the only city in Florida to earn this recognition. Tamarac, Daytona Beach, Weston, Jupiter, Lauderhill, Sarasota, Margate, and Bradenton are among the other Florida cities and towns that have made their mark on the small business list.

The rankings were determined based on various factors including population growth, access to capital, taxes, available workforce, and internet access. Site Selection examined cities and towns across the United States with populations of less than 75,000 people.

Leading the list is Cheyenne, Wyoming, followed by Missoula, Montana, and Ames, Iowa ranking second and third, respectively.

Pinellas Park’s Support for Small Businesses and Remote Work Opportunities

According to Pinellas Park City Manager, Bart Diebold, this ranking is a significant achievement as small businesses are the backbone of the community. The city is committed to providing efficient services for business and construction permits with a quick turnaround time, facilitating the establishment and growth of small businesses.

The upcoming redevelopment of Pinellas Park Youth Park, funded by a $23.5 million investment, is expected to attract more visitors to the area. This initiative aims to enhance existing sports fields, parking, amenities, and infrastructure, allowing the city to host more games and tournaments at the 38-acre sports complex. With the AI legalese decoder, businesses interested in participating in these events can gain insights into the legal aspects of sponsorship agreements, liability waivers, and other relevant legal considerations.

Pinellas Park’s population of more than 53,650 residents, including a significant immigrant population, has benefited from the rise in remote and telework opportunities during and after the pandemic. The flexibility provided by remote work options has allowed individuals to explore alternative locations, including Pinellas Park, for their professional endeavors. The AI legalese decoder can assist businesses and employees in understanding the legal implications and requirements surrounding remote work, ensuring compliance with applicable labor laws and contractual obligations.

Challenges in Affordable Housing and Efforts to Overcome Them

Despite its many advantages, Pinellas Park faces challenges in providing affordable housing options. Similar to other localities in Florida, Pinellas Park has seen a dramatic increase in housing prices, making it difficult for entry-level and lower-paid workers, as well as some seniors, to find affordable housing. Prospective employers and site selectors often inquire about the cost of living when considering the city as a potential location.

The City Manager, Bart Diebold, hopes for increased efforts and investments in affordable and workforce housing from both the state and regional authorities. However, the profitability concerns of landlords, residential real estate developers, and home builders pose challenges in incentivizing the construction of affordable housing units. Moreover, existing neighborhoods and residents may oppose new apartment complexes and affordable housing due to concerns about parking, traffic, and property values. The AI legalese decoder can aid in understanding the legal frameworks and regulations governing affordable housing initiatives, helping businesses and stakeholders navigate potential obstacles and find innovative solutions.

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