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## Advice for First Home Buyers

Apologies in advance for adding to the plethora of questions from first home buyers, but I am seeking advice from property-savvy individuals for buyers in our current situation.

### Our Situation

We have recently begun our search for a home and have only consulted with the bank so far. We are a dual-income family, both working as education professionals, with a combined income just shy of $200,000 per year. We have two children, I work from home, and my partner commutes to Kelston. We currently have a deposit of $150,000, but we are willing to save an additional $30,000 to $50,000 if necessary. Our expenses are minimal, and we have some debt on 0% finance cards that can be cleared as needed. Our bank has approved us for a mortgage amount that we are comfortable with, provided we have the required deposit.

### What We’re Looking For

We are in search of a minimum 3-bedroom home with space for my office (e.g., a sleepout, garage, or utility room) and some room to move. We prefer to avoid properties where the house is built right up to the property line and are open to putting in some elbow grease as long as the foundation is solid. Based on our research, areas like Laingholm and Titirangi in West Auckland seem to offer what we desire. Our target price range is around $850,000 [EDIT: requiring us to save more for the deposit], but we are unsure how feasible this is.

### Seeking Advice

– **Realism of Our Goals:** How achievable are our housing preferences within our budget?
– **Timing Considerations:** With the possibility of interest rates increasing before decreasing and sellers facing challenges in fetching top prices, should we consider waiting for a year before making a purchase?
– **Other Timing Factors:** Are there any other timing factors we should take into account before committing to buying?

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