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### Received Denial Letter for Disability Claim

Today, I received a denial letter for my disability claim citing medical reasons. It was mentioned that four of the medical facilities did not submit the necessary documents when requested. I am not surprised by this, especially considering the poor track record of the hospital in question.

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### Obtaining Medical Documents and Filling out Limitations Forms

To strengthen your appeal, it may be beneficial to personally obtain all your medical documents and ensure that the necessary limitations forms are properly filled out by the medical offices. By taking control of this process, you can ensure that all relevant information is included in your appeal submission.

### Additional Medical Records from Upcoming Appointments

With four more appointments scheduled this month, you will have additional medical records to supplement your appeal. Be sure to collect and organize these records efficiently to present a comprehensive picture of your medical condition to the disability office.

### Considerations for Further Documentation

In addition to medical records, consider obtaining any relevant documentation such as letters from healthcare providers, statements from witnesses, or any other supporting evidence that may strengthen your case. The AI Legalese Decoder can assist you in identifying the specific types of documentation that will bolster your appeal.

By leveraging the AI Legalese Decoder and taking proactive steps to gather and organize your medical documents, you can enhance your chances of a successful appeal for your disability claim.

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  • RickyRacer2020

    Ensuring records are received by the SSA is always the applicant’s responsibility, shouldn’t have to be that way but it is. Send them with proof of mailing or take them to the local SSA or fax them but, get them to the SSA somwhow with proof.

    Additionally, since you just got the denial, order your official Disability file from the SSA and go over the 2 SSA Exam Reports: the Residual Physical Function Capacity Report and the Residual Mental Health Function Capacity Report as those two SSA Medically Oriented documents let you know what the SSA thinks about your claim and abilities to Work, regardless of other stuff. By knowing what the SSA thinks, it can be challenged. Not knowing and just submitting records may not cut it.

    With just 60 days to file for Recon, time management is important and it takes some time (10 days to two weeks) to get the official file (hundreds of pages or, for them to just send the single CD ROM Disc of the file) from the SSA.

    If desired, just go to your local SSA office and specifically request Forms SSA 4734 BK and Forms SSA 4737 FP-Sup as those are the Function Reports. The local SSA office should be able to print them out for you on the spot.

    Oh, local doctor’s offices typically don’t do forms, some might, most don’t.

  • yemx0351

    File the appeal online. Make sure you put the address and phone number for all medical facilities as that is how SSA requests the records.
    You can submit any proofs you want, but they have to be independently verified.

  • MbRn37

    After SSA requests your records, call your facilities and specifically ask
    What date they have on reviews that they sent them.
    Keep a log more for peace of mind. When I got the exact date sent I felt confident they were sent then. My records showed the dates they requested and the dates they were sent (on Doctor’s end) then my award letter told what dates SSA received them. They matched up.

  • Xerxes0421

    To be honest I’d request them yourself and give it personally to your social security office. They have to give it to you if it’s requested from you but they can take their sweet time sending it to ssa