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## Millennials Facing Financial Challenges

Millennials are facing unprecedented financial challenges, with many choosing home ownership over marriage. The Australian recently reported that young couples are prioritizing owning a home over traditional marital commitments. This shift in priorities is reflective of the economic pressures facing this generation. The inability to access affordable housing is forcing millennials to make tough decisions about their future.

## The Struggle of Millennials in the Housing Market

As a millennial born in the nineties, I can attest to the difficulties of navigating the current financial landscape. The soaring house prices, coupled with stagnant wages, make it nearly impossible for young people to enter the property market. This challenging environment has led many millennials to prioritize home ownership as a means of securing their financial future.

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  • belugatime

    An expensive wedding isn’t required to get married.

  • Bdan_92

    I think a lot of the comments are missing the point. It’s not just about a piece of paper, or weather you spend big or spend little on a marriage, but it’s a part of LIFE, the thing you do when you aren’t stressing about finances or work. And it’s a shame a part of living, a celebration, a reason to see family have a feast and just enjoy LIFE, is pushed aside for many young people simply because they have to save for a roof over their head. It’s ANOTHER part of life that young people just have to give up nowadays. More and more simple things that are apart of living are given up for young people and THAT is the issue. Every day young families are choosing to give up life’s little joys just so they can afford to live.

  • danksion

    We’ve delayed our wedding for 8 years to buy our home (and we are only wanting to do a $10-15k garden wedding)

    House part is done now the saving starts all over for the wedding, and with the current interest rates and cost of living situation even as a dual income household with no kids. $10-15k is going to take a while.

    Then at the same time we have the boomers always on us about “why aren’t you married yet, our generation was never engaged this long etc”.

  • Helpful_Kangaroo_o

    In another shocking clickbait revelation, people prioritise what’s important to them.

  • Status_Business

    My wedding was 10% of my apartment deposit, and I had 100 people for a sit down dinner in the middle of Sydney lol.

    It’s so crazy to me people used to be like a wedding or a deposit. They are totally different amounts for people in 2024.

  • Money_killer

    It’s nothing new I’m nearly 40 and everyone I know believed weddings are a waste of money and would rather a house first.

  • opackersgo

    If you want kids, a house that you own is way better than being married.

  • Redpenguin082

    While I get what the article is saying, home ownership is always easier for couples than singles

  • Enough-Equivalent968

    I’m a millennial and I don’t normally go much on these ragebait inter generational articles etc.

    Older people assert it was just as hard in their day to buy a house… it wasn’t

    But one thing that is true is that in previous generations people had more modest/cheaper weddings. The masses dropping $50k on a wedding as the ‘norm’ is definitely a modern phenomenon.

    In summary, this article… like most of its kind… is a bit dumb

  • pichuru

    i did a pretty simple wedding and I wish I eloped or just did it at the registry. my wedding was nice but I wish I had that money for other things like fixing up my apartment or putting it towards any future kids I might have. the expectation that you need to have a wedding to get married is outdated

    also I don’t blame a lot of millenials skipping marriage and all the bullshit and drama that comes with holding engagement parties, organising bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, kitchen teas, hens and stag nights. plus there’s the expectation on everyone around them to give engagement gifts and bridal shower gifts on top of the wedding gift.

  • gday321

    Some people spend way too much an weddings. We had one bloke at work his wedding cost 50k! Ridiculous!

  • yum4yum4

    A marriage celebrant is $500. You don’t have to spend big to get married.

  • tofuroll

    That doesn’t make sense. Owning a home is more affordable as a couple.

    Or are they assuming you have to blow a lot of money on a party?

  • JacobAldridge

    I’m a late GenX, but this is absolutely the order we did things in. As I explained to my beautiful girlfriend at the time, ”if you’re worried about my commitment, it’s much easier to get out of a marriage than to get out of a mortgage”.

  • Caiti42

    Getting married costs less than $1000. You don’t have to have a massive party.

    My grandmother was telling me about her wedding just before mine. She had 5 guests, her mums friend made her dress, no flowers, a quiet lunch. That was in the 50s. They had to choose the house or the wedding.

    Also, defacto laws are the reason people aren’t rushing to get married.

  • ava050

    People really shouldn’t use the word marriage and wedding interchangeably.

    You don’t need a reception or event to be married. If marriage is important to you, get married. Go to the registry office, or get a cheap celebrant in a park to do it way cheaper than the registry office.

  • ne3k0

    I think a lot of millennials (myself included) don’t see marriage as important.

  • auscrash


    You have to worry about fellow millennials now as well as boomers.

    Most of this clickbait media seems to love targeting generational hate.. I guess because it gets the clicks but it’s kinda shit.

  • nuclearsamuraiNFT

    My wife and I got married and it was pretty cheap, and it actually made our home loan application cleaner because we were married 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • sweatshoes101

    I meet my wife during the last Melbourne lockdown, then bought a country home in our pay grade. Got a dog then eloped in the town gardens, you only need 2 witnesses and a couple of expensive bottles of bubbly for the memories. That was 6 months ago both our families think we are living in sin so who cares….

  • earlgrey789

    Millennial here. Got married, now divorced. We had a modest wedding (nothing over the top). Saved where we could but had a list of non-negotiables where we wouldn’t compromise and would spend $$$ if needed so we wouldn’t feel “robbed” of the experience of “having a wedding”. Eg. We didn’t have a wedding cake because we didn’t care for it, instead we opted for desserts (choice between lemon tart / chocolate mousse / sticky date pudding).

    We decided to prioritise buying a house instead of having a lavish OTT wedding. Gotta say, 8 years later and divorced.. that was 1000% the right move. The wedding celebration is one day. We bought the house 8 years ago, and we sold it in Nov 2023 and we both have enough to walk away and start our new lives.

  • Susiewoosiexyz

    Assume they mean prioritising home ownership in favour of lighting a pile of money on fire to pay for a wedding. As a 40 year old in an almost 20 year defacto relationship with a paid off house, I endorse this approach. 

  • rundesirerun

    We bought a house, had kids, the whole thing. Not married. Don’t care about being married. I’m in my 40s and I don’t really need a certificate to prove what I already know.

  • Dingo-ate-my-babeee

    Statistically less likely to get divorced if you don’t get married.
    It’s true.

  • WizziesFirstRule

    I’m born in the 80s and we picked buying a house over an expensive wedding…this isn’t new.

  • campbellsimpson

    Millennial here; we spent about $12K overall on our wedding in Sep 2023, 70 guests at a local winery.

    Coming up with that $12K while still paying the mortgage was difficult. We bought our long-term house in June 2022 so the mortgage repayments were and are still very punishing.