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## Microsoft and OpenAI Collaborate on Building AI Supercomputer “Stargate”

According to a report by *The Information*, Microsoft and OpenAI are joining forces to develop an artificial intelligence supercomputer called “Stargate” with an estimated cost of up to $100 billion. The project, set to be financed by Microsoft, is projected to be completed by the year 2028, surpassing the budgets of even the largest data projects.

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The ambitious supercomputer project is part of a series of supercomputers planned by Microsoft and OpenAI over the next six years, with Stargate marking the final phase of development. A notable portion of the expenditure for future phases will be allocated towards procuring AI chips, as highlighted in the report.

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In response to the GPU scarcity, a consortium of tech giants including Intel, Qualcomm, Google Cloud, Arm, and Samsung have formed the “United Acceleration Foundation” to challenge Nvidia’s dominance in AI hardware and software. This collaborative effort aims to establish an open standard accelerator programming model to foster competition and innovation in the AI hardware market, potentially mitigating the challenges posed by Nvidia’s market monopoly.

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