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Altos India Introduces New Servers for Large-Scale Clients

Altos India has expanded its manufacturing portfolio to include high-end workstations and servers under the Make in India initiative. The company has added two new servers that are designed to meet the needs of large-scale enterprise clients like IT and cloud data centres.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Virnave, Country Head and General Manager at Altos Computing said: “In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, there is a growing demand for advanced solutions that cater to the needs of large IT and cloud data centres. These products not only meet these demands effectively but also align seamlessly with government initiatives, highlighting our dedication to local manufacturing.”

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Altos Computing provides its customers with solutions for AI Computing, Cloud Computing and High-Performance computing. The company offers its services to various central and state government departments by providing solutions to set up and scale up their IT Infrastructure.

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Altos’ latest Rack and Tower Servers deliver features with flexible expansion options and management capabilities. It uses the company’s newly launched Dual socket 2U system which can handle any workloads. This system can function as a Database Server for Big Data analytics, a computing node for High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment or for virtualisation purposes in cloud infrastructure.

These more efficient systems promise to function as the core infra for the most demanding IT workloads. The company is offering the Tower on the Intel Platform. Tower Server is not only powerful but is also affordable and is an ideal solution to handle entry-level server workloads designed for Government, Education and SMB customers.

The introduction of these Rack and Tower servers can also be important for the country and may help India to become a prominent player in the high-end manufacturing sector.

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