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## Dell Technologies Workforce Reduction

Dell Technologies recently announced a reduction in its workforce as part of a larger cost-cutting initiative. This initiative included measures such as limiting external hiring and reorganizing employees to streamline operations. The company disclosed this information in a filing on Monday.

### Current Workforce Statistics

As of February 2, 2024, Dell Technologies reported a workforce of nearly 120,000 employees. This number reflects a decrease from the previous year, where the company had around 126,000 employees.

### Factors Contributing to Workforce Reduction

The workforce reduction was influenced by sluggish demand for personal computers, a trend that has persisted for almost two years. This decline in demand played a role in an 11% decrease in revenue reported in the fourth-quarter earnings released last month.

### Outlook and Expectations

Despite the challenges faced by Dell Technologies, the company remains optimistic about the future. It anticipates growth in net revenue within its client solutions group (CSG), particularly in the PC segment, for the entire year. Dell is hopeful that demand will improve, and the pricing environment will become more competitive by the fiscal year 2025.

### Potential Challenges and Mitigation Strategies

Dell Technologies is mindful of potential near-term challenges ahead. The company foresees rising input costs and cites a “continued reduction of other businesses’ net revenue” due to changes in its commercial relationship with VMware. This shift follows Dell’s share buyback tied to its interest in software company VMware.

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### Previous Workforce Reductions

In the past year, Dell Technologies implemented a significant reduction in its workforce, eliminating 6,650 jobs. This proactive measure was taken in anticipation of a potential recession and declining demand for personal computers.

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