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## Saving for the Future: Investing for My Children

As a firm believer in financial planning for my children’s future, I am dedicated to setting aside funds for their long-term benefit. In addition to an existing investing account with ASB for my firstborn, I am considering similar investment options for my second child. However, I am facing a dilemma on whether to entrust the funds to traditional banking or seek advice from investment professionals, or explore the option of creating a kids investing account with platforms like Sharesies to personally manage my shares and ETFs for them.

## Assessing the Best Investment Strategy

While I am determined to secure the best possible financial outcomes for my children, I am also aware of the inherent risks associated with investment decisions. I understand that strategic and well-informed investments could potentially yield higher returns in the long run, hence the importance of making the right investment choices.

AI Legalese Decoder can assist in this decision-making process by providing insights into the legal implications and risks associated with different investment options. By utilizing AI technology to decode complex legal jargon and assess potential legal ramifications, I can make more informed decisions about the best investment strategy for my children’s future.

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How AI Legalese Decoder Works:
AI Legalese Decoder uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze and interpret complex legal language. By inputting a legal document into the software, it can quickly break down and simplify the content into plain language that is easy to understand. This can be especially helpful for individuals who are not well-versed in legal terminology or for those who simply do not have the time to decipher lengthy contracts.

Benefits of AI Legalese Decoder:
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Overall, AI Legalese Decoder is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to navigate complex legal documents. By utilizing this technology, individuals can gain a better understanding of legal jargon and protect themselves from potential legal issues.

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  • ExactShip3131

    My kids have a growth fund with simplicity. Low fees and no picking or choosing

  • Fragluton

    I went a slightly different way, since I have a mortgage that costs ~7% a year. I had an account for each of them that I put money into, but still under my umbrella. At some point that will likely change, but not when the money sitting their saves me mortgage interest. End goal is to not have the mortgage sooner rather than later. At which point I will look into something like sharesies.

  • Dry_Strike_6291

    Sharesies perhaps?

  • considerspiders

    Piggybacking on this. I’m interested in setting something up in the sprogs name (and critically, their IRD number) but my preferred options (investnow, simplicity) will vest to them at 18YO. I was a fuckwit at age 18, and while I only marginally improved by age 25, I would prefer that as the age they get control.

    Kiwisaver is tempting but I don’t like the way it’s been tinkered with and the withdrawal conditions can change on the whims of the government.

    If you’re looking for something like investnow foundation total world, and want control to pass at age 25, is there a good option? or are you stuck with setting up a trust?

  • propertynewb

    For your kids the best option is to find the lowest cost index fund/ETF and let it ride. I use the Vanguard TWF with 0.07% management fee. It will save $50k+ in fees compared to the same index at 1% fee for my kids.

  • DrFujiwara

    Index fund. Rely on the law of averages to get you through the peaks and the troughs.


  • Lofulir

    Sharesies all day. It makes it easy for grandparents etc to put money in on birthdays and xmas (it generates a link for them etc). Its also very easy for them to use and learn as they get older. So if you want them to have view access, or over time some control over what gets invested in, its a good option.

    Plus as I’ve said many a time, its the original first investment platform that started up for the masses in NZ and the only one not owned by, and being a puppet for, big investment firms. It makes money for its shareholders too, but runs as a B corp and has a mission statement of actually raising the bar of financial literacy and security for the average nzer.

  • pleaserlove

    I asked a similar question here and struggled to find a suitable product because I wanted an account that friends and family could contribute to directly for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

  • lilbitslutty91

    Our LOs have investnow accounts, and a set and forget into one of the vanguard funds.

  • Personal-Finance21

    If you have a 25 year time horizon, you can have a low cost index fund. Just put the money in, leave it alone and wait.

    Your kids will also be able to work for school and you’ll have extra income by then as well. The savings won’t be the only source to pay.

  • kruzmode

    We are doing the same re investing for our daughters future. How do you have it locked into age 25 before they can access it?

    Our daughter is yet to turn 1, but we have set up a savings account and simplicity investment account in her name. Key reason is that her tax rate is 10.5%, vs 33% for me. But as it is under her name she will be able to access and control these funds when she hits 16… which we are a bit nervous about.

  • Feeling_Mission_9120

    Have not thought about that! The fee issue is not to bad if you pay 3 dollars a month I think u can invest up to certain amount and it covers that

  • Feeling_Mission_9120

    I didn’t know either . I just found out today here

  • Feeling_Mission_9120

    Thank you