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## Introduction

The US-based business news outlet Sherwood News was recently launched by the retail trading platform Robinhood. The platform aims to provide ad-supported, un-paywalled news that can be profitable in the current post-scale era of the internet.

With a focus on markets, business, tech, and the culture of money, Sherwood News covers various topics including Bitcoin value fluctuations, litigation investment, and cryogenics. The platform caters to a younger, tech-savvy audience interested in understanding how money moves in the world.

## The Role of Sherwood News

While Sherwood News is primarily targeted at Robinhood users, it also aims to attract a broader spectrum of online audiences. Joshua Topolsky, the editor-in-chief and president of Sherwood News, believes that there is a significant opportunity to cater to the informational needs of this demographic.

The platform’s front page resembles a social media feed, providing a seamless scrolling experience for readers. This approach is designed to engage users in a manner that aligns with modern internet habits, which differ from traditional news consumption patterns.

## Leveraging Ad-Funded Content

Sherwood News is funded by advertising, with a focus on direct-sold ad placements. By democratizing finance and making investing more accessible through free, ad-supported news, the platform aims to reach a wide audience while ensuring profitability.

The strategic partnership between Sherwood News and Robinhood allows the platform to share market insights and business news in a way that resonates with its target audience. While there are no immediate plans for a paywall, the platform remains committed to delivering quality content through sustainable advertising revenue.

## The Future of News Publishing

In a landscape where many mass-market news outlets are exploring alternative revenue streams, Sherwood News stands out for its emphasis on ad-supported content. By prioritizing specific, meaningful stories over mass appeal, the platform aims to provide credible and reliable information to its audience.

Joshua Topolsky believes that the media industry has sometimes failed its audiences by chasing scale at the expense of quality journalism. Sherwood News is positioned to offer a refreshing alternative, focusing on empowering investors with insightful news stories and data-driven reporting.

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