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## Introduction

Hi! This is actually my first ever post on Reddit so if this is written really badly or not in a normal way IÔÇÖm sorry for that. Edit: IÔÇÖm posting from England.

## Situation at Work

IÔÇÖve worked in this (retail) company for just under 2 years. I have always got on with the people I work with and we have a good team, weÔÇÖre not perfect but itÔÇÖs the best team IÔÇÖve ever worked in and I was happy for a good while. Ever since we lost a few colleagues, we have tried rehiring but to no avail; due to this I have been working almost double my contract every week for around a year or more. IÔÇÖm contracted to 20 hours but work about 38-40 every week. Which initially I agreed to, but now they just wonÔÇÖt reduce them, itÔÇÖs like IÔÇÖm working a new contract I just havenÔÇÖt signed.

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## New Store Manager Situation

Now, around 6 weeks ago, our store manager moved to a different store in the area and we got a replacement, we were sad to see her go but she was needed at another store to turn it around and we didnÔÇÖt need her anymore, we were doing really well.

This is where Jason comes in (fake name). He joined the company around a year ago and this is the first store he has been given to run himself by our company, he had previously worked for big retail chains in huge stores.

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## Recording Incident with Store Manager

When I found out we were getting Jason I thought it would be fine, I had heard bad things about him being unreasonable and just a dick basically from another colleague who has worked with him in a different store. I told myself I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, keep my head down and just do my job, then everything would be okay.

I was sorely mistaken, here is where I need advice. He was angry that I had ÔÇ£disobeyed a direct order from (my) your store managerÔÇØ as I wouldnÔÇÖt immediately and rudely ditch the customer I was with to let him explain what his plan for the evening was.

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## Conclusion

I recorded him because I didnÔÇÖt feel safe going into a room alone with him when he was clearly angry. Where do I stand with this? Will I be fired if I show anyone? IÔÇÖve tried reading online but everywhere says different things. IÔÇÖm lost on what to do but I donÔÇÖt feel safe at work any longer. I have already got in contact with HR but nothing has happened yet and weÔÇÖve had conflict since, which has left me terrified of going to work. Another time I was sent home by another senior manager, crying because of how he spoke to me.

Thanks in advance.

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