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The Arrest of the 30-Year-Old Suspect

A man has been arrested after a police officer was stabbed in the shoulder in north London. The Metropolitan Police said the officer had been responding to reports of a man with a knife in Mandeville Road, Enfield, on Tuesday afternoon.

A 30-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the officer suffered a serious shoulder injury. This incident highlights the dangers that law enforcement officers face while carrying out their duties to protect the community.

Other officers disarmed and detained the suspect and gave their colleague first aid treatment, which included using a tourniquet. The injured officer was taken to hospital, where he is said to be in a stable condition. Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes praised his “immense bravery” for his actions.

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Visiting him in hospital after he was injured, I was struck by his courage and humility. He didn’t want to talk about his own actions but to praise the professionalism of the police medic and other colleagues who provided him with vital first aid, and arrested the suspect.

He was in good spirits and spoke with pride about the work his team do, protecting Londoners. And yesterday, he did just that – stepped forward to put himself between the public and a clearly dangerous individual. In doing so, he showed the best of the Met and reminded us of the daily challenges officers face while doing their duty to protect the public.

The officer and the Met would also like to thank colleagues in the NHS for their care. The local community can be reassured that the incident was dealt with swiftly and that a thorough investigation is now underway.

The suspect was injured during his arrest but has been discharged from hospital. The Met said the force’s directorate of professional standards have been informed, as is routine in the circumstances.

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