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## Concerns about Job Offer Involving AI Generated Erotic Pictures

Hello. I am a graphic designer and photo editor from Bulgaria. Recently I have been offered a job by a company. The employer said that what they do is they use AI to generate erotic pictures of women and then upload them to different social media accounts. They needed me to edit the pictures and make corrections where necessary.

My problem is that after seeing some of the pictures I have a slight suspicion that some of them are real nudes from real women who just had their face replaced with AI. What strikes me in these photos is that if you have worked in this field before it would be obvious for you that the faces are AI generated. The bodies however seem far too real and generally don’t match the style of the face in many instances.

My question is, if they really are doing what I think they are doing and using someone else’s photos with just a different head, is that illegal? Should I be concerned about this job offer?

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**Employer’s Explanation: A Cause for Concern**

On the last talk I had with the said employer I asked about it and this is what they said: They explained to me that what they are currently doing is taking a video from the internet, and taking certain frames from it. After that they faceswap the models. I expressed my concern about it and they said that the software is currently in development and in the future they plan to make it fully AI. This explanation raises further red flags about the company’s practices and highlights the importance of seeking legal advice before proceeding with the job offer.

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