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## Handling Intellectual Property Theft and Scam Situation as an Artist in Italy

I am a small artist based in Italy who sells art commissions online. Recently, I was alerted by a user on (Twitter) about a scammer using my artwork to deceive people for financial gain. The situation includes:

### 1) Intellectual Property Theft:
The scammer stole one of my art pieces, removed my watermark, and passed it off as their own creation on

### 2) Scam/Fraud:
The scammer attempted to deceive individuals by using my stolen artwork to solicit money under the false pretense of selling their own art. They provided other “examples” of art, which were clearly stolen or traced, with no watermarks and varying styles.

### 3) Defamation:
When confronted about the stolen artwork, the scammer defamed me by claiming that I am the one engaging in fraudulent activities, damaging my reputation as a legitimate seller.

I have gathered evidence, including screenshots of the conversation with the scammer (with permission from the informant), the original art file, Fiverr order details for the commission, client communication, reviews, and revenue generated.

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My main concern is seeking justice and preventing the scammer from further exploiting innocent individuals. I have attempted to contact the scammer, flag their posts, and reach out to staff. If these actions do not yield results, I am considering involving the Postal service. I am determined to stop this scammer from profiting off my hard work and creativity as swiftly as possible.

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