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## Seeking Lease Termination Due to Spouse’s Active-Duty PCS Orders

I am currently seeking to terminate my lease in Tennessee due to my spouse’s active-duty PCS orders that require us to move to Texas. My spouse and I have been living apart since my spouse reported to duty station in late September, which has taken a toll on our relationship. We have decided to seek marital counseling and have agreed that living together is essential for our well-being, prompting my move to Texas to be with my spouse.

### Utilizing AI Legalese Decoder for Lease Termination Assistance

I have already notified my landlord of my intent to terminate the lease early under the SCRA. However, I am worried that the landlord may not allow the termination because my spouse is a cosigner and not the primary lessee. The lease agreement stipulates that only I will occupy the dwelling, adding complexity to the situation.

I have tried seeking assistance from the military law office on base, but I have yet to receive a response. In this challenging situation, utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder can provide valuable insights and suggestions to navigate the legal complexities of terminating a lease under such circumstances.

### Spouse’s Update on PCS Orders to Fort Bliss

An update from my spouse reveals that the PCS order was published on June 7, 2023, and my spouse received the order in late July or early August. My spouse reported to duty station on September 3, 2023, while the lease was signed on June 22, 2023. It is important to note that dependents, including myself, are included in the PCS order to Fort Bliss, underscoring the urgency of the lease termination.

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