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JLG Architects Expands National Sports Studio Team

JLG Architects has made strategic moves to enhance its national Sports Studio team, aiming to broaden its expertise in designing sports facilities and recreation centers. The firm recently welcomed Ryan Rademacher AIA as a principal architect, bringing a wealth of experience in architectural design, virtual construction, and operational planning. Rademacher’s addition will play a vital role in shaping the firm’s vision for sports and community recreational facilities, emphasizing technical development and system design.

In addition to Rademacher, Adam Davidson and Adam Barnett have been promoted to principal architects within JLG. Davidson, a U.S. Army veteran and registered architect, has led significant sports projects for the firm, including the acclaimed Midco Arena. On the other hand, Barnett, a seasoned recreation and sports specialist, has been instrumental in the success of various community and recreation projects, such as the White Bear Lake Sports Center.

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Scott Kowski Joins Coldwell Banker Crown Realtors

Coldwell Banker Crown Realtors has welcomed Scott Kowski to its team of real estate agents, further reinforcing its commitment to delivering exceptional service in the Sauk Centre area. Kowski’s background in the title industry equips him with valuable insights for clients navigating the competitive real estate market, aligning with Coldwell Banker Crown Realtors’ dedication to client satisfaction.

Kowski’s collaboration with Coldwell Banker Crown Realtors underscores the firm’s dedication to excellence and client-centric approach. His expertise and passion for real estate will undoubtedly benefit buyers and sellers seeking specialized guidance in today’s dynamic market.

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