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Annual Shred Event at David Brenton’s Real Estate Services

David Brenton’s real estate services is hosting a shred event today at their office, located at 4741 E. Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis. If you need to shred your paperwork, come to the office for a free on-site document shredding event. They will also be collecting donations of used eyeglasses for Riley Children’s Hospital, used and broken cell phones for Cell Phone for Soldiers, and non-perishable food for Hunger, Inc Food Pantry.

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Building Permits Show Strong Growth in Central Indiana

The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis released its March permit breakdown, which shows that the Central Indiana housing market is experiencing a strong start to the second quarter after seeing a 46% increase, year over year, in the number of permits issued for new single-family homes. Johnson and Shelby counties saw high growth at 300% and 155%, respectively. Marion, Boone, Madison, and Hendricks Counties all saw double-digit growth, with Marion County recording an increase of nearly 60% from March 2023 to March 2024.

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Five-Star Rating for Main Street Hospice in Franklin

Main Street Hospice in Franklin has been named a five-star hospice by Medicare. The ranking comes from an intensive survey given to families and caregivers, asking about the patient’s hospice care and if they would recommend that hospice to someone else.

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StorageMart Acquires Facility in Greenwood

StorageMart, a self-storage company, announces the acquisitions of two new facilities in Greenwood and Columbia, Missouri. The Greenwood facility includes 37,475 net rentable square feet, comprising of 238 drive-up self-storage units with indoor vehicle parking, gated pin pad access, and other convenient features.

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Recycling Offered at Meijer Garden Centers

Meijer has officially opened its garden centers across the state, offering a bounty of blooms, greenery, landscaping supplies, various tools, and more. Meijer is offering at each of its garden centers a place to drop off plastic trays and pots for recycling. Look for recycling carts at any local Meijer store.

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