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# Addressing Car Parking Safety Concerns at My Apartment

## Situation Overview:
Hello. I am facing a troubling situation regarding the car park allotted to me in my apartment. The designated parking space is alarmingly close to the gates, leaving very little room for safe and proper parking. Additionally, the presence of an electrical box that controls the gates in the vicinity adds to my concerns.

## Efforts Made:
I have already raised this issue with the property manager, expressing my worries about the potential risks involved. However, their response has been to insist on sticking to the current parking arrangement.

## Potential Legal Action:
Considering the safety hazards posed by the inadequate parking space and the proximity to the gates and electrical box, I am contemplating seeking legal advice. I am worried about the possibility of my car being crushed by the gates or sustaining damage from the electrical box.

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  • fraze2000

    Does OP suggest that they should take a better parking spot from someone else and make them park in the shitty one?

    If the parking spaces are allocated to specific units, then there is probably nothing they can do.

    If the spaces are allocated randomly or on a first come, first served basis, then OP should ask management if they can assign a new spot when one becomes available and let the next person to move into the building get allocated the one near the gate.

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  • quiet0n3

    I would assume the lines are clear and it’s obvious something would have to go wrong to cause damage. If this is true there isn’t much you can do but request the buildings insurance details in advance so you have them if there is an issue.

    If it’s just you don’t like the parking space because it’s hard to park in you could try asking around the building to see if any one will trade.

    But they have provided the space like they said they would.

  • Wacky_Ohana

    Can you share a picture of this parking space that is dangerously close to the gates and electrical box? What are the dimensions of the space, excluding and including the electrical box (ie, what the usable size of the space is if the box is located within the lines.)

  • PureMassacre99

    Take a video of the gates closing and opening with your car parked there and post here. We will determine if it is dangerous as you claim