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## Planning for a European Adventure in July

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts,

I hope this message finds you well. I understand that this topic may have been discussed extensively on this subreddit, but I would appreciate any advice you can offer me.

I am excited about my upcoming trip to Europe in July, planning to spend about a month exploring various countries. As I start to research travel insurance policies, I find myself overwhelmed with the options available.

Typically, I would opt for a CoverMore policy without much thought. However, this time I want to make sure I am making the most cost-effective decision. As a 30-year-old individual, I usually prefer paying for expenses upfront or using my Latitude card for larger purchases.

Upon browsing through this subreddit, I have come across suggestions to use a Commbank Ultimate Awards or an ANZ Black credit card for their inclusive travel insurance benefits. While these options seem appealing, the annual fees associated with them make me hesitant.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or recommendations on how I can optimize costs for my upcoming trip. Your advice and experiences would be invaluable to me as I plan for this adventure.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

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  • ForumUser013

    Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard is a good travel card, if you qualify. No annual fee, and no overseas transaction fees, and it comes with travel insurance. No points scheme though.

    The Insurance is not bad – a few differences to a Covermore type policy, but generally covers standards things well. Make sure you read the PDS though.

  • Linwechan

    You can always cancel the card after the trip, the first year is usually free. My ANZ card had slightly better than the Latitude covered but since I cancelled the latitude after the data breach, I no longer have that option. 

    Overall CC travel insurance is a no brainer… haven’t bought sep insurance in over a decade. It’s safer to pay for bigger travel expenses on cc as well as it affords you some extra protections if something goes awol…

  • Similar_Strawberry16

    Eh, the lower fee credit cards tend to still have free travel insurance.

    You can work it out, but if you use a credit card often enough the fees should be offset by any points/credit back, and then any other fringe benefits are a cost free bonus.

    My old fairly low fee CommBank credit card got I think up to 3 months consecutive free travel insurance. My current is unlimited free travel insurance.

  • Diver999

    ANZ Platinums card. The annual fee of $87 is waived if you spend over $20k per year.

  • Wow_youre_tall

    Standalone travel insurance is far cheaper than the annual fees.

    It’s a benefit if you are a card churner, it’s not a specific reason to get it.