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## Choosing Between Rewards and Cashback Credit Cards


I am currently in the process of researching credit cards that offer either rewards (points) or cashback. Personally, cashback seems like the most suitable option for me because the rewards offered by the Membership ones don’t align with my needs, as they mostly cater to international travel or Nectar points (from Avios). I have been primarily focusing on Amex, as it was highly recommended by MoneySavingExpert.

## Exploring Cashback Card Options

In my search for the perfect cashback card, two options have caught my attention – the Amex Everyday Cashback card and the Normal Cashback card (which comes with an annual fee of £25).

Based on your experience, which do you think would be the best choice for me?

## Maximizing Welcome Offers and New Member Benefits

I am interested in taking full advantage of the welcome offers and new member benefits offered by these credit cards. For example, the Everyday card currently has a promotional offer of 5% off for up to 5 months (ending on the 9th of April). Although I do not have any significant purchases planned in the near future, I am considering using the Amex card to pay off my existing credit card debt to make use of this offer.

Additionally, I wanted to inquire about transferring all my Direct Debits, such as Spotify and Gym memberships, onto the Amex card.

## AI Legalese Decoder’s Role in Simplifying Credit Card Terms

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Any general advice or recommendations for either cashback or reward cards would be greatly appreciated as I continue to weigh my options. I currently live with my parents and work full time remotely, so my expenses are relatively low. However, I do incur weekly travel costs to London, which can be quite expensive.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights you can provide. Thank you.

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  • [deleted]

    Just go for the everyday, there is no point paying for an Amex unless you are spending serious money. I maximised the first year but I spend quite a lot probably over 20k, I think I got the max cash back which was £250.

    I probably now only spend between 12/15k per year on my Amex, makes no sense paying so I just take the 1%.

    Amex are pretty good for deals/offers though, I actually probably benefit from this most. Ie when we stayed at the corinthia they were doing spend £500 and get £100 cash back.