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## My Current Financial Situation

I am a 30-year-old male with no children, but the desire to have them in the future. I have no debt, a $10k emergency fund, and $100k saved for retirement across my 401k, HSA, and Roth IRA accounts. I am currently single and renting, although I aspire to buy a home once my life stabilizes in the next 3-5 years when I plan to get married. At present, I do not have any savings specifically earmarked for a down payment on a house.

## Decision Dilemma: Annual Financial Plan

I find myself at a crossroads when it comes to my annual financial plan and could use some guidance. There are two main options I am considering:

### Option 1: Maxing Out Retirement Contributions
One option is to take advantage of my company’s offering to make after-tax contributions to my 401k. I plan to max out both my 401k and contribute an additional $10k after-tax to my Roth IRA, which currently has a balance of $20k with Fidelity. I understand that this may be a one-time opportunity in my career. While I may consider using $10k from my Roth IRA towards a down payment on a house, I would prefer to avoid this if possible.

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### Option 2: Focus on Saving for a Down Payment
Alternatively, I could choose to only contribute to my 401k to receive the employer match, while still maximizing contributions to my Roth IRA and HSA. In addition, I would save $30k towards a down payment in a High-Yield Savings Account. Currently, I am renting at a low cost of $600 in Texas. My plan for the following year involves house hacking, potentially turning the property into a rental, and then moving in with my significant other until we purchase a home together.

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## Seeking Advice and Guidance

As I weigh these options, I am curious about what other factors I may not be considering in my financial planning. I would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations on which path to take. Thank you in advance for your insights.

*Edit: Apologies for the poor formatting in my initial post, I attempted to correct it multiple times to no avail.*

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