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## Single Mother Seeking Legal Advice for Child Support

I am a single mother with a one-year-old son, and his father has stopped caring for him. The father abruptly ended our relationship shortly before our son was born and has been avoiding a paternity test ever since. He joined the army shortly after our son’s birth and recently got married. I am now questioning if his marital status will affect child support.

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  • Acceptable_Branch588

    If he is in the military they will
    Not be happy that he is sucking child support.

  • Cubsfantransplant

    Marriage does not affect child support. Let the child support office know he joined the military.

  • Healthy-Prompt771

    Being married raises his income so your CS amount will be positively impacted. File and let the court order a paternity test, the Army won’t allow him to dodge service, he can get served at work if needed.

  • Confident-Nature1835

    Nah, find out what station he’s at, and turn him in. Also, nearly free medical. Ask for the child to be added to his insurance, and since you are (presumably) not close enough to a base, ask for 50/50 OOP medical expenses. Used to, Medicaid could be used as a secondary policy, but Tricare would pay first. Lowers the amount of state medical actually used. Also, ask for the child support to be put on an allotment, as in a deduction order.

    His being married won’t matter. His running from paternity could backfire, as some courts may just establish paternity through themselves, and put him on support anyways.

    Ok but, he’s been married a month. What’s she do for a living, or where is she from 👀😂 contract marriages are notorious, although not always prosecuted, despite the amount of money that is gotten fraudulently.

  • cutiekygirl40

    Not sure why the other commenter replied then blocked or deleted but I can’t see her full reply. I’ll respond to the portion I can see from my email alert:


    u/Cubsfantransplant replied to your comment in r/ChildSupport · 3s ago
    u/Cubsfantransplant · 1 votes
    Dual military spouses would not get kicked out of housing because there was no custody of the child. If you were active duty you would have understood the quote. Funny how you elude to that you were b…

    But to respond: yes, family housing absolutely can kick you out when the kids don’t live there full time anymore (family of 3 or 4 as compared with 2…). I never said I was active duty and I’m not sure why you’re so hung up on my personal situation, but like I said I served as well. And I don’t expect special treatment or put myself on any pedestal because of it.

    This is a CS sub. You made an incorrect statement that marriage doesn’t matter and I pointed out that it does due to the BAH rate. Which you conceded and that’s all that needs to be said.

  • No-Habit-8254

    File for child support. Let them know he is in the army. They will try to contact him if he dodges them they will contact him/ his command team at work for him to be served. Marriage doesn’t affect cs. But since he is married, he probably receives a higher amount of bah which is factored into his income. They will request to see his LES and they will order him to provide the child health Insurance/ dental since this is afforded to him thru the army.

  • Acceptable_Branch588

    How is he running from a paternity test? He is stationed at a particular location. He cannot run. Get a court order