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Experience with multi-currency accounts

Have you ever had the chance to deal with multi-currency accounts from banks like HSBC (HSBC Expat) or Lloyd’s? If so, you may be interested in learning more about how these options stack up against alternatives such as Prestia and non-bank services like Wise.

Comparing HSBC and Lloyd’s with Prestia and Wise

When it comes to managing funds in multiple currencies, it can be helpful to explore a variety of options to find the best fit for your needs. HSBC and Lloyd’s are well-known traditional banking institutions that offer multi-currency account services. However, you may also want to consider alternatives like Prestia and Wise, which provide innovative solutions for seamless currency exchange and international transactions.

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1 Comment

  • JapanCoach

    Not sure what “non domestic” means in the context of this sub.

    I have an SMBC Prestia account and find it quite easy to operate (after the nightmare of opening it).

    I have been casually researching the question of multi currency accounts based in the US. So far I have yet to find a solution for me. I do have a wise account (had it since it was transferwise) but can’t seem to figure out any benefit for me. I find the upper limit for Yen balance is too low so it’s not a viable solution for me.