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## Current Situation: Health Condition & CDR Review

I am a 58-year-old individual with a doctor who has diagnosed my health condition as life-long. I am scheduled for a 7-year Continuing Disability Review (CDR) and recently received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) stating that they do not need to review my case at this time. The letter mentioned that they will not contact my doctor now and will only reach out later if a review of my case is necessary.

## Concerns and Questions

I am confused as to why the SSA is not reviewing my case this year. When is my next CDR scheduled? Is there a possibility that I am too old to undergo another review in the future? I would greatly appreciate any insights or information on this matter. Thank you.

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  • thatsaSagittarius

    They just don’t think you’re better enough to get off SSDI. Your age is probably the main factor.

  • CommunicationTime63

    The medically determinable impairment(s) that warranted the 7-year diary in the first place was considered. Based upon that consideration and your age, medical improvement related to the ability to perform substantial gainful activity was not expected. Therefore, there was no need for a Continuing Disability Review (CDR).

  • Inside_Archer_5647

    It costs about $550 to do a CDR. More in some states. Less in others. So, SSA does a cost benefit analysis. They look at things like your medical condition, the likelihood that you will have improved, and your age. And they score your case to determine if they’ll do yours.

    They are funded to do 800,000 CDRs per year give or take, need to take into consideration the capacity that each DDS has, and the number of CDRs that your region has agreed to do.

    Really no mystery at all.

  • Helpful-Profession88

    SSA apparently believes there’s no need for one.  You condition’s scoring + prognosis + age + earnings if working are factors used to determine if / when CDR’s come.  Given age, you nay not get another.  

    Give the SSA time to fully update your account then in a month or so, call or go to your local SSA and ask what your Diary Date is – that’s the planned time frame of the next CDR.  

    Good luck.

  • yemx0351

    You filled out the short CDR form, and they determined that was enough at this time. The next review will be when they send you the next packet to fill out.

  • Jessica_Ariadne

    They did something similar with me except in my case they sent me forms to start a review, then sent me a followup basically saying nevermind, we’re not doing it. I was like, “Okay….”

  • mtempissmith

    This happened to me too. I thought I was on a 3 year review cycle because it’s been about that since I had my first one at about a year in. About 4 years in all but after I did the short form they sent me the same letter.

    I’m not in my 60s yet so I wasn’t expecting it. My condition hasn’t really improved. It’s worse in some ways. So I guess they just decided not to? If I was in my 60s closet to 62 it would make sense…

    FYI, I’ve asked for that paperwork twice. Never got it so I have no idea of what schedule I’m on. I want to discharge my student loans for good this time but in order to do it I need that letter. I’m going to try going to the local office soon to see if I can get it in person.

    They keep saying they’ll send it but it’s not happening and this is holding me up on that a lot…