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## **Work experience with a general contractor in Hawaii**

I have been a resident of Hawaii for a decade now and during that time, I had the opportunity to work as a painter for a general contractor. This job lasted for a period of 18 months, where I was paid on an hourly basis every week. The contractor was a small business run seemingly by a husband and wife duo. My experience with them was largely positive and without any major issues.

## **Revisiting the past employment: A new opportunity turns sour**

About a year ago, I was contacted by the contractor’s wife with a request to return to the property where I had previously worked and refinish the interior cabinets. Despite having moved away from the area, I agreed to take on the job out of goodwill and the desire to work with them again. However, as the work progressed, I found myself facing challenges with the wife’s management style which was vastly different from my previous interactions with them.

## **Dealing with payment issues and legal complications**

After working for two weeks, I was abruptly dismissed without prior warning. Upon sending my bill for payment, I was met with refusal from the wife who claimed my work was unsatisfactory and sought estimates to rectify the alleged damage. Feeling cheated and misled, I promptly took the matter to small claims court where I discovered that the wife was operating a property management company separate from her husband’s contracting business.

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