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Cyber Wardens research reveals a concerning gap in small business cyber readiness

New findings from the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia and the Cyber Wardens program shed light on the current state of cyber security preparedness among small businesses in Australia.

The research conducted by COSBOA surveyed nearly 2,100 small businesses, with results indicating that only 50% of businesses perceive cyber security as a significant threat. This leaves a substantial portion, 45%, who either underestimate or completely neglect the risks associated with cyber security.

Moreover, a staggering 61% of small businesses do not engage in conversations regarding cyber security with their employees, highlighting a lack of awareness and preparedness in this area. Additionally, only 40% of surveyed businesses express confidence in their ability to effectively respond to a cyber security incident.

This gap in understanding and readiness underscores the importance of initiatives like the Cyber Wardens program in bridging the knowledge and skill gap among small business owners. By offering free and accessible training, this program aims to equip small businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their cyber security posture.

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COSBOA CEO Luke Achterstraat emphasizes the critical role of awareness and education in preventing cyber attacks on small businesses, underscoring the importance of investing in cyber security training and resources. He affirms that initiatives like the Cyber Wardens program play a vital role in empowering small businesses and enhancing their cyber security resilience.

Rebecca Warren, CommBank Executive General Manager for Small Business Banking, stresses the significance of time management in addressing cyber security vulnerabilities. Recognizing that small businesses are often targets of cyber-criminals due to time constraints, Warren advocates for education as a means of raising awareness and preparedness.

Through partnerships like the one between Commonwealth Bank and COSBOA, small businesses have access to valuable resources and support in strengthening their cyber security practices. By leveraging programs like Cyber Wardens, small businesses can enhance their cyber safety measures and safeguard against potential threats.

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