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## Cavaliers Show Grit in Playoff Victory

Jarrett Allen and the Cavaliers made a bold statement on April 20 with their physical play and determination, showing a level of tenacity that was lacking in their previous playoff series against the Knicks. Their 97-83 victory over Orlando in the series opener reflected a team with a renewed sense of purpose and drive.

Georges Niang, in particular, made it clear to the Magic that this postseason would be different. After a hard foul from Markelle Fultz, Niang defiantly pointed towards the Orlando bench, setting the tone for a game that was anything but ordinary.

The Cavaliers displayed a resilience that was absent in last year’s playoffs, overcoming a dismal shooting performance from beyond the arc by finding other ways to score. Despite missing 18 consecutive 3-point attempts, they maintained a lead throughout the game, relying on their strong defensive presence and ability to convert inside the paint.

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The Cavaliers’ defense was a standout in the game, limiting Orlando’s scoring opportunities and disrupting their offensive flow. Players like Jarett Allen and Evan Mobley used their height advantage to alter shots and control the paint, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Moreover, the Cavaliers demonstrated an ability to weather Orlando’s runs and respond with timely buckets to maintain their lead. This ability to withstand pressure and execute in crucial moments showcases a newfound resilience that bodes well for their playoff aspirations.

Throughout the game, the Cavaliers played with a sense of urgency and determination, evident in their physicality and willingness to confront opponents. This aggressive mindset, combined with a staunch defensive effort, proved to be the difference-maker in securing the victory.

As the series progresses, the Cavaliers will need to address certain areas of improvement, such as reducing turnovers and improving their 3-point shooting. However, their victory in the series opener signaled a shift in mentality and execution from last year’s disappointments, setting a positive tone for the rest of the playoffs.

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