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## Issues with Rent Payment for 2 Bedroom Apartment in Richmond
Rent for 2 bdrm apt in Richmond is $2350 in our contract. 2 brothers.

Last month, he texted me to see if it’s ok to pay $2000 for March because he had to go for a funeral.
I said I’ll give him $50 off for March. Asked if he needs to pay $2000, I’m ok, as long as he adds $100 for April, May, June.

He paid $2350 for April, and didn’t add $100 as we agreed.

Now, he’s not even responding to my 3 text messages about this.

$100 is not the end of the world but a disrespectful person like him is a dangerous thing to deal with.

What should I do?

Thank you 🙏

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