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## Taxation on ETF Investments in Germany

Hey guys,

I live in Germany and have been investing in ETFs for a long time. Recently, I discovered that if I sell my shares now, I would be subject to paying approximately 26% capital gains tax in Germany. This has prompted me to explore the possibility of moving to a country with lower capital gains tax, such as Malta, and residing there for more than 6 months in a year before selling my shares.

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What advice can you give me in this regard? Thanks!

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  • fermat666

    You need to get rid of the German tax residency first (or at the same time you obtain another). Or you’ll have to pay in both places. You’ll need to check what’s the exact method that prevents the German tax office from considering you a tax resident.

  • KL_boy

    Belgium also has not capital gain taxes. 

  • cola-sander

    It’s only 25% on your gain right? So if you’re up 5%, than you pay 1.25%..?

  • makaros622

    The order is: Move for usually more than 365/2 days, transfer your tax residency there and then enjoy less or 0 tax.

  • codexsam94

    I Read somewhere that it has to do with the income tax? Maybe there is a way? Take a year off from work and cash out or something?. Somebody knows better for sure