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## Taxation of Capital Gains and Dividends for Canadian Non-Residents with Non-Registered Account at Questrade Canada


I am seeking insights into the taxation of capital gains and dividends for Canadian non-residents with a non-registered account at Questrade Canada who have become residents of the EU. I am a Canadian planning to retire outside of Canada in Croatia, EU, a country with a tax treaty on double taxation avoidance. Upon becoming a Croatian resident, I am considering transferring cash to the EU and opening an IBKR account there. This is in relation to my Questrade Canada Margin account where I was planning to invest a lump sum before leaving and eventually draw retirement income.

Would it be more tax efficient to transfer funds to the EU and open an IBKR account for investing in the US stock market, mostly in ETFs? Any insights or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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