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An Aussie start-up aims to boost small businesses with profit-first approach

An Australian start-up called Thriday has introduced a new feature, Profit First Quick Account Setup, on its financial management platform. This feature allows small business owners to set aside a predetermined percentage of their sales deposits as profit. By following the Thriday Profit First method, which reverses the traditional accounting formula, businesses can prioritize profit over expenses.

Thriday recommends setting up five different bank accounts for revenue, profit, owners’ pay, tax and GST, and other operating expenses. This system encourages businesses to focus on profits right from the start, increasing their chances of being profitable. The platform has gained popularity among Australian small business owners since its launch in 2022, with many considering it a game changer.

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Thriday: Automating financial management for small businesses

Thriday is an all-in-one platform designed to automate banking, accounting, and tax processes for small businesses. Unlike other accounting software, Thriday integrates all aspects of financial administration into one product, simplifying banking, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax reporting.

Using advanced AI technology, Thriday performs real-time bookkeeping, allowing business owners to transact and receive payments through their Thriday business transaction account and Visa Debit card. This automation saves time and streamlines financial operations, giving owners more free time to focus on growing their businesses.

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User testimonials prove Thriday’s effectiveness

Users of Thriday have expressed their satisfaction with the platform, labeling it a “game changer” for small businesses. The platform simplifies small business accounting and offers a user-friendly experience. Reviewers have praised its simplicity, efficient bill scanning, and ongoing improvements made by Thriday’s developers.

The positive feedback from users demonstrates the platform’s effectiveness in streamlining financial management processes and reducing administrative burdens for small business owners.

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AI legalese decoder can help small business owners gain a deeper understanding of the testimonials and reviews about Thriday. It can analyze the language used in these testimonials, providing insights into the genuine experiences and benefits that other businesses have derived from using the platform. AI legalese decoder can also identify trends or common challenges highlighted by users, enabling business owners to make informed decisions about whether Thriday is the right solution for their specific needs.

Overall, Thriday, with its profit-first approach and comprehensive financial management automation, has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses handle their finances. By incorporating AI legalese decoder into the process, business owners can navigate the legal complexities and make informed decisions to maximize the benefits of using Thriday.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information about Thriday and its Profit First platform and is not intended as financial advice. Small business owners should assess their own financial situation and objectives and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.

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