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Ent Credit Union Supports Pueblo Area Organizations

Ent Credit Union recently awarded $16,000 to six organizations based in the Pueblo area as part of its annual Youth Endowment Services grant program. This initiative aims to support programs that benefit the youth in the community.

The programs that were awarded the grants included Mentally Ill Kids in Distress, Posada of Pueblo, Heart of Colorado Court Appointed Special Advocates, Pueblo Child Advocacy Center, Pueblo Cooperative Care Center, and Soaring Eagles Center for Autism.

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“As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ent’s YES Grants program, we’re privileged to witness the positive impact it has had on communities across Colorado,” said Annie Snead, senior manager of community advocacy for Ent. “Our committee faces a tough task, as every nonprofit that applies is deserving of funds.”

“We at Ent are especially proud to play a small role in enhancing programs for youth by partnering with these exceptional organizations that are doing the hard work,” she said.

SBDC Small Business Expo and Hiring Fair Announcement

The Southern Colorado Small Business Development Center is set to host a Small Business Expo and Hiring Fair on May 3 at Pueblo Community College, providing a platform for small business vendors and employers to connect and network.

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The event will feature 80 booths with small business vendors and employers seeking employees, as well as community and business resources. Find out more at

Small Business Summit for Entrepreneurs

The Latino Chamber is hosting a Small Business Summit on May 16 at Pueblo Community College, offering resources, information, networking opportunities, and more to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit representatives.

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Registration is due by May 10 at for this free event, breakfast, and lunch included.

InBank Recognizes Bankers of Distinction

InBank’s Mark Dunsmoor and Andrew Trainor have recently received the Bankers of Distinction award from the Colorado Bankers Association for their commitment to community service and support of vital activities in the communities they serve.

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The awardees, Mark Dunsmoor and Andrew Trainor, have shown dedication to various community organizations, demonstrating the banking community’s commitment to the financial wellbeing of all Coloradans.

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