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Unique Coffee and Tattoo Experience at 95 Pratt St.

95 Pratt St. is where the coffee is fresh, and so is the ink. This new storefront in downtown Hartford offers a unique twist – a combination of a coffee shop in the front and a tattoo parlor in the back. The idea has been brewing in the mind of Refuge Tattoos owner Yaritza Garrido for years.

Yaritza Garrido believes that by combining tattoos, a personal and intimate art form, with the comfort of coffee or something coffee-related, she can enhance the overall experience for her clients. This vision has now become a reality, thanks to $160,000 in funding from the “Hart Lift” city grant program.

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Community Investment and Growth

The success of Refuge Tattoos and Beans of Parkville Coffee Roasters is just one example of the positive impact of community investment in Hartford. With more than 60 small businesses opening up in the city in recent years, there is a growing sense of vibrancy and excitement in the area.

Mayor Arunan Arulampalam believes that this growth is just the beginning, with Pratt Street becoming a hub of energy and excitement. Businesses like BOP are not only expanding their services but also creating spaces for community engagement and interaction.

For BOP owner Jack Sullivan, the grant money meant a chance to grow his coffee roasting business and provide customers with a unique and memorable experience. By offering a space where people can connect, converse, and appreciate art forms like tattoos and coffee, Sullivan hopes to create a sense of community and belonging.

Customer Experience and Appreciation

Customers who visited the grand opening day at 95 Pratt St. experienced firsthand the passion and dedication that went into creating this business. The combination of love, time, and energy put into Refuge Tattoos and BOP is evident, leaving a lasting impression on visitors like Sahar Amjad.

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