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### Feeling Stuck and Considering a Career Change

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, apologies if not. I’m 27F, I hate the area I live, and I really dislike my job. I won’t go too much into it, but at this point, it’s having an effect on my mental health. I feel extremely beaten down and isolated.

I work in a very specific industry with very few job openings across Canada. I want to move back to my hometown, where job openings come up maybe once a year, if that. I’m seriously considering moving back there and taking a random job, just to be near to friends and family. This would probably decrease my salary (67k).

So far, I have 38k in savings, all debt paid off. Would it be crazy to just take a random job paying probably 45-55k? I think I could get those but that’s a big salary cut and probably a waste of my specific education (master’s), so maybe I need a reality check. I don’t have kids and an important part of this is that relatives have offered to rent me their investment 1-bed condo in my hometown for $1000 a month (which I am extremely grateful for and is less than I currently pay). Has anyone here done something like this? How did it work out for you?

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  • mycatsnameisedgar

    Without knowing the specifics (industry, region, etc) I recommend prioritizing your mental health and life satisfaction over a job you don’t like. It will eat away at your soul. Then you’ll wake up at 40 and wish you changed careers at 27.

    I changed careers at 28, leaving a secure field with a pension because I hated it. Every day. So I took night school courses and went in a different direction. It is muuuch easier to do this with no dependents or debt. That was 20 years ago and I have never regretted it.

    You will need to think about practical aspects such as: can you find a job in a reasonable time frame? What jobs are available? Do ‘random jobs’ pay as much as 55k? Can you work remotely? Do you need transportation? Etc. But it sounds like you have set yourself up well with savings and no debt. So go for it.

    Good luck!

  • Different_Pianist756

    Don’t choose a job over relationships, and health. Never worth it! 

  • BajaPineapple

    I would try seeking a job closer to your friends and family FIRST. Random jobs are hard to come by (all jobs are hard to come by right now) so I would recommend securing something before you move. Taking a lower paying position isn’t the issue (mental health is important and a social safety net can be part of that for someone) but having no financial support/income will be far worse for your mental health if you move back and are unable to find gainful employment of any kind.

    While you are living where you’re at, is there something you can do to expand your social network? Clubs to join, hobbies to take up, etc. You may find that when you go back home, life has changed for everyone and it isn’t the glorious homecoming you envision and you will have to rebuild more than just your salary. Food for thought, anyway…

  • gene2u2

    Sounds like when I used to work in mine geology.  I don’t think $67k is enough pay to live in misery.  I’d say make the leap, especially if you have emotional support from family and friends. Good luck!

  • xjakob145

    I’d try to secure a solid job (55k+) before moving. You have a master’s, so even if it’s in a specific industy, are you able to use it in any other way? Are there government jobs in your desired rea? They’re strong on hybrid work from my understand, often prioritize the level of education over the nature of the education itself… While I’m all for prioritizing mental health, financial security is a big piece of the puzzle on the long run.

  • FluidBreath4819

    mental health > family > job

  • scatterblooded

    Get a job offer before quitting your current, the market is pretty volatile for a lot of fields.

  • ReputationGood2333

    Move back. Without question, relationships are so important in life. But, if you can try to secure something reasonable before you jump back, unless you can live with your parents while you search.

  • Ok-Grocery4972

    Does being near friends and family make you happy? It does not for me, at least not much. But if it does for you, it could be a legitimate trade off. When renting condo from relatives please still sign formal lease agreement. Maybe consider things 20 or 30 years out, will the parameters that you value still exist in the future in the home town? Think about retirement planning?

  • wildtravelman17

    Check the cost of living between current and new locations.

    What’s the actual different in rent? 1000 vs what?

    The cost of living alone may make it worth the move.

    You could also take a degree relevant job that’s just “closer” to family. In the same region.

    67k is not worth misery. I am currently in the process of dropping my 100K job because it’s miserable.

    However. I am at the top of my salary scale.

    Does your job tend to max out at 70K or is there realistic potential for much more money? Random jobs may have serious potential for income growth. But you likely know the potential in your current field.

    Also, what about remote work options in your current field?

    TL;DR: your original post is way too short on details.

  • Majestic_Funny_69

    Always move for family and friends. Never move for money. Life lesson.

  • PRboy1

    Mental health first. If possible take 6 months sabbatical from your current job.

  • Fun_universe

    I would suggest getting a job before you move.

    My best friend and I moved to a new city 2 years ago. I work remotely so I kept my job (self employed). She had saved 15k but it took her over 14 months to find a new job. Luckily we moved to a much cheaper city so rent was cheap, but she ran out of money after about a year (her parents gave her $4k as a gift and it was enough until she got a new job).

    But yeah, it can take a long time to get a job. She has a masters too and we both thought she would find work way quicker.

  • Psychehat

    You have to make sacrifices. Either its your career or your comfort.

    Truthfully, Id suck it up using my youth to make as much money I could in order to finance my hobbies.

    I say this because I might not love my job but $150k and being able to afford vacations for my wife and I is more important than my mental health.

    Im not encouraging you to do the above but everyone has different priorities

  • Even_Cartoonist9632

    Without getting into specifics, my wife and I had this same opportunity. Years ago we moved from Ottawa to Alberta for my job and I had an opportunity to move back to Ottawa at a cost of a lower salary and more expensive housing but we’d be closer to family. We talked about it and decided being away from family does have a lot of downsides but we far more enjoy our standard of living and the difference in take home money would be massive. Not only are we able to take several long weekend trips a year, plus one big warm weather vacation, in addition to our trip home every year, we wouldn’t be able to take any of those other vacations every year moving back home, let alone also significantly downsizing the home we would be able to afford. 

    We both miss home and our families but we’re able to see them virtually any time we want with the additional income we earn in Alberta and lower cost of living. 

  • ManagementNew2176

    Well , currently earning 67k and then earning lets say 50k … and even if you have 500 difference in rent per month (cz you didnt specify) so thats a 6k save already. So the major difference in salary will be about 10k and i believe there will be a difference in tax that you pay as well… so its not that huge if a difference as the mere salary numbers are making you feel. Additionally you keep looking for better paying jobs while your mental health will be at peace.

  • DarkReaper90

    It’s not the biggest hit financially but what would you do if your friends and family moves away to a different city.

  • louisiana_lagniappe

    Quality of life is worth more than money. 

  • Han77Shot1st

    I essentially cut my income by 100k and it’s been good for my mental health.. but I only did it because we could afford it.

    As long as you can still afford to live and save a bit for the future you should put your health first.

  • amach9

    Make the move. Your skill set could be transferable to another industry too.

  • Jonnybrunswick

    Lifestyle > $$$

  • FelixYYZ

    > Would it be crazy to just take a random job paying probably 45-55k?

    Yes because a random paying job may pay less the $50k.

    Why not trying to find a job in your field, in a city you want to live in?

  • hard-on234

    Being broke and unsuccessful can also break your mental health. Taking a step down at your age is probably not a good idea.

  • Horse-Girl-69

    Why don’t you just make 10k/day working from home? I honestly don’t get it…