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R&A Tool and Engineering at 39127 Ford Road in Westland plans to transition into a marijuana business.

Tool and Die Shop Owner Shifts Business Strategy Amid Changing Zoning Laws

WESTLAND — In order to adapt and remain viable, Gregory Raymond, owner of R&A Tool and Engineering Co., is transitioning his long-established tool and die shop into a marijuana business.

“Times change,” acknowledged Raymond. “The zoning on my property has changed, so we’re applying for a license to venture into the marijuana industry. This shift will help us sustain the business, retain staff, and ensure that our building remains occupied.”

Fortunately, Raymond’s request to open a marijuana microbusiness within his existing shop at 39127 Ford Road has been unanimously approved by the city council. This microbusiness license permits him to cultivate and process up to 150 marijuana plants simultaneously, selling directly to consumers.

Although this new enterprise may differ from traditional dispensaries, Council President Pro Tem Andrea Rutkowski emphasized, “It’s important to note that this isn’t another full retail dispensary on Ford Road. It’s a microbusiness, which falls into a distinct category of businesses.”

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Having operated in Westland since 1968, R&A Tool and Engineering Co. has witnessed the changing landscape of the surrounding community and has had to downsize its workforce over the years. Raymond plans to invest approximately $1 million in the new Ray Industries business and has committed to donating $500 to the nearby Lighthouse Home Missions on 34033 Palmer Road.

According to Raymond, Ray Industries is expected to open its doors in about three months while the tool and die operations gradually wind down.

Councilwoman Melissa Sampey expressed her approval, stating, “We’ve encountered others who have made empty promises in the past. It’s encouraging to see your commitment and readiness to invest in our community.”

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Contact reporter Shelby Tankersley at [email protected] or 248-305-0448. Follow her on Twitter @shelby_tankk.

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