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## Issues with Back Child Support in Ohio

Ohio I had back child support coming out my check for two kids. The one was getting 65.00 a week and the other 12.00 a week. Well the one is paid off 65.00 one but they still taking out my check and then sending me a check back for it. Is this normal? How long until it stop coming off my check? I have had this happen for 3 weeks now.

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  • BenefitAppropriate

    Just a guess, they haven’t sent the new order/canceled the other yet, or it has been sent and just not processed by payroll. Things take time to process between child support and payroll. I think the last time I asked, I was told to give it 4-6 weeks to go through.

    Setting up the online portal is really the easiest way to deal with this. You can see what orders were issued when and update any info needed.

    You can also avoid phone calls by emailing the case manager. I do think it may take a phone call to set up. I understand the hatred of phone calls. Maybe one day they will be completely eliminated.

  • AudreyTwoToo

    Have you called your caseworker in the last three weeks?