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Steam Strategy Fest: A Chance to Get Your Favorite Strategy Games at Discounted Prices

The highly anticipated Steam Strategy Fest is finally here, bringing joy to strategy video game lovers around the world. As one of the largest digital video game marketplaces, Steam offers a wide selection of popular games and serves as a popular hub for gamers worldwide. It’s the perfect platform to connect with friends and enjoy your favorite games together.

What makes Steam even more exciting is its occasional sales, such as the recent Summer Sale, which delight gamers with significant discounts. Now, it’s time to please strategy game enthusiasts specifically. The upcoming Steam Strategy Fest promises a week-long event where you can snag your favorite strategy games at discounted prices.

Steam Strategy Fest

Steam Strategy Fest Dates and Discounts

The Steam Strategy Fest will kick off on Monday, August 28 at 10 AM Pacific Time and continue for an entire week until September 4. During this period, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase eligible strategy games at discounted prices. However, the exact discount percentages may vary from game to game. While one game may have a 90% discount, your favorite title might receive a 20% discount. Nevertheless, any discount is better than paying the full price. So, if you’ve had your eye on any strategy games, consider adding them to your wishlist to be notified of all the tempting discounts.

Steam Strategy Fest Deals and Beyond

Although Steam hasn’t revealed all the details about the Steam Strategy Fest deals, they have released a video showcasing some of the games that will be on sale. However, the featured titles in the video won’t be the only ones receiving discounts. The festival is expected to affect numerous games in the Steam library. To get an idea of what to expect, you can watch the teaser video below:

The Steam Strategy Fest is expected to have a significant impact on various games available on the platform. The strategy genre encompasses a wide range of titles that are considered masterpieces in the gaming world. The festival primarily focuses on games that require out-thinking opponents and strategic planning for success. It includes genres such as RTS (including Action RTS), Strategy (including Turn-Based Strategy, Grand Strategy, and Strategy RPG), 4X, Hex Grid, Tower Defense, City-Builder, Tabletop, Card Game, and Board Game.

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For games to be included in the Steam Strategy Fest, they must have strategy as the primary game mechanic and commonly feature additional strategic elements. These additional mechanics and elements often include strategic thinking and planning multiple steps ahead, directing action through indirect orders rather than directly controlling characters or units, complex decision trees, and gameplay from a top-down perspective, although some games may switch perspectives during certain parts of the gameplay.

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