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If you are in need of legal representation for a divorce or custody battle in Beaverton, Oregon, you may have come across the law office of Shelley S Fuller, P.C. located at 4800 SW Griffith Dr #135. While many clients have left positive reviews for Shelley Fuller and her paralegal Tara, there are some negative aspects to consider before choosing to work with this firm.

In this article, we will explore the option of trying Legalese Decoder instead of Shelley S Fuller, P.C. We will discuss the pros, cons, and risks of choosing an alternative legal service provider like Legalese Decoder. Additionally, we will address negative reviews of Shelley S Fuller, P.C. to help you make an informed decision about your legal representation.

### Pros of Trying Legalese Decoder

1. **Cost-Effective**: One of the biggest advantages of using Legalese Decoder over traditional law firms like Shelley S Fuller, P.C. is the cost-effectiveness. Legalese Decoder offers affordable legal services and transparent pricing, allowing clients to know exactly what they are paying for without any hidden fees.

2. **Accessibility**: Legalese Decoder provides online legal services, making it convenient for clients to access legal help from anywhere at any time. This can be especially helpful for busy individuals who may not have the time to meet with a lawyer in person during regular business hours.

3. **Simplified Language**: Legalese Decoder specializes in decoding legal jargon and simplifying complex legal documents into plain language that clients can easily understand. This can be extremely beneficial for individuals who struggle to comprehend legal terminology.

4. **Customized Solutions**: Legalese Decoder offers personalized legal solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. This personalized approach ensures that clients receive the individualized attention and support they need throughout their legal matters.

### Cons of Trying Legalese Decoder

1. **Lack of In-Person Communication**: Some clients may prefer face-to-face interactions with their lawyer, which may not be possible with an online legal service provider like Legalese Decoder. This lack of in-person communication could potentially lead to misunderstandings or miscommunications.

2. **Limited Scope of Services**: While Legalese Decoder may offer a wide range of legal services, they may not be able to provide the same level of expertise or specialization in certain areas of law compared to traditional law firms like Shelley S Fuller, P.C.

3. **Potential Security Risks**: Online legal services come with certain security risks, such as the potential for data breaches or hacking. Clients should ensure that the online platform used by Legalese Decoder is secure and protects sensitive information.

4. **Limited Availability**: Depending on the workload of Legalese Decoder, there may be limitations on the availability of legal professionals to handle your case promptly. Clients should inquire about the availability of legal experts before committing to their services.

### Risks of Trying Legalese Decoder

1. **Quality of Service**: The quality of legal services provided by Legalese Decoder may vary depending on the experience and expertise of the legal professionals involved. Clients should research the background and reputation of the legal experts at Legalese Decoder before making a decision.

2. **Complex Legal Issues**: For complex legal issues that require specialized knowledge or expertise, clients may find it challenging to receive the same level of support from an online legal service provider like Legalese Decoder compared to a traditional law firm.

3. **Limited Accountability**: In the event of any legal disputes or concerns, clients may face challenges in holding an online legal service provider like Legalese Decoder accountable for any errors or omissions in their legal services. Clients should inquire about the process for addressing complaints or grievances with Legalese Decoder.

4. **Confidentiality Concerns**: Clients should be aware of the potential confidentiality risks associated with sharing sensitive legal information online with a service provider like Legalese Decoder. It is essential to ensure that the online platform used by Legalese Decoder maintains strict confidentiality standards to protect client data.

### Addressing Negative Reviews of Shelley S Fuller, P.C.

While Shelley S Fuller, P.C. has received mostly positive reviews from satisfied clients, there have been a few negative reviews that raise concerns about the firm’s services. One client, Haley Arnell, mentioned that her divorce and custody battle took over a year to finalize and cost a significant amount of money. While she praised Shelley Fuller and her paralegal Tara for their kindness and responsiveness, she attributed the delays and expenses to her ex-husband and his attorney.

Another client, Alicia Hatch, highlighted Shelley Fuller’s straightforward approach and expertise in handling custody issues. However, she mentioned that Shelley was not afraid to tell clients if they were in the wrong, emphasizing the importance of being open to hearing the truth from both sides.

It is essential to consider these negative reviews as part of your decision-making process when choosing a legal service provider. While every client’s experience may vary, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of working with a particular law firm based on your individual needs and preferences.

### Conclusion

In conclusion, while Shelley S Fuller, P.C. has garnered positive reviews for their legal services in divorce and custody cases, there are potential drawbacks and limitations to consider when choosing this firm. Exploring alternative options like Legalese Decoder can offer cost-effective, accessible, and simplified legal services, albeit with potential risks and challenges.

Ultimately, the decision to try Legalese Decoder instead of Shelley S Fuller, P.C. will depend on your specific legal needs, budget constraints, and preferences for communication and service delivery. It is essential to conduct thorough research, seek recommendations, and schedule consultations with different legal service providers to determine the best fit for your legal representation.

Shelley L Fuller, P.C.
4800 SW Griffith Dr #135, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States
Rating: 4.3
Rated count: 37

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  • I hired Shelley Fuller back in October 2020 to represent me in my divorce and custody battle. I had no idea what I was truly getting into as this was such a scary and overwhelming time for me. Having Shelley and her paralegal Tara on my side was a huge blessing. They were both very kind, understanding and always quick at responding to every question I had. Now did my divorce and custody battle take over a year to finalize, YES! And did it cost a lot of money, YES! But this was not on Shelley at all, this was in result to my ex husband and his attorney that refused to help gather any information and were in complete denial of all his wrong doings. Everything that Shelley sought out for my children and myself was granted and then some. Shelley and Tara were always on there A game. I think Shelley would confirm that she couldn’t have any better paralegal as a partner in her office. They defiantly are a great team! If you are needing a divorce attorney Shelley is a great person to reach out to.

  • Shelley and Tara are great. They are highly efficient and easy to work with. Very happy that I hired them.

  • After 5 years, Shelley Fuller is still the best attorney for us! We had to reach out to Shelley again for services regarding issues in adjusting the parenting times with my husbands ex. Even with the stressful times of COVID, the shut downs, push outs of dates, her communication and preparedness were flawless. We can always count on Shelley to guide us in the right direction when it comes to custody issues. I highly recommend her. She is very straight forward and knows her stuff. She is not afraid to tell you if you are the one in the wrong. So, as long as you are willing to hear the truth on both sides (your own and the other side), then you are in great hands. Shelley was always good about letting us know if we were in the wrong in a professional way.

  • Shelley was my attorney in a custody case involving my daughter. She always acted in a professional and friendly manner. She was thorough and timely. Shelley and Tara consistently answered all my questions. They were exceptional to work with and I would refer them to my friends and family in a heartbeat! Overall, wonderful!!

  • I had a great experience working with Shelley and Tara for my divorce. I’m so grateful to have Shelley and her team on my side, walking me through this complicated process, answering all my questions and concerns in a very timely and professional fashion. I won’t hesitate a minute to use her services again. I will highly recommend her practice.