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Business-Friendly Forum in Fishers

All eight of the hopefuls running for governor across three parties appeared at a business-friendly forum in Fishers last week, where candidates regularly reverted to prepared talking points on taxes and economic development. The forum featured not only the half-dozen candidates appearing on the May Republican ballot but also Democrat Jennifer McCormick and Libertarian Donald Rainwater. Hosted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the Indiana Builders Association, and Americans for Prosperity, the forum featured six questions in addition to an introduction and conclusion. Audience members had the opportunity to chat with candidates before and after the lunchtime event.

Taxes and Economic Development

The General Assembly is currently conducting a two-year study on the stateÔÇÖs tax system and a gradual decrease of the income tax to 2.9%. Lt. Gov. Suzanne CrouchÔÇÖs campaign proposal has been to completely eliminate the state income tax over several years, which would have an estimated $8 billion impact on state revenues. Eric Doden expressed support for the task force but emphasized the importance of eliminating the income tax in a fiscally responsible manner. While candidates discussed IndianaÔÇÖs current tax situation, Brad Chambers highlighted that Indiana consistently ranks as one of the most tax-friendly states for businesses in the country. Meanwhile, Donald Rainwater criticized both the income tax and sales tax, promising to lower taxes and veto any budget increases if elected governor. Jennifer McCormick emphasized the need to address not just income and gas taxes but also hidden taxes that affect citizens at a local level.

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State Government and Bureaucracy

Several questions at the forum addressed the role of state government, including its impact on workforce development, bureaucracy, and government overreach. Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch vowed to streamline state agencies to improve efficiency and reduce wasteful spending. Curtis Hill revisited his battles as Indiana’s Attorney General, criticizing federal overreach in policies like Obamacare and COVID-19 regulations. Jamie Reitenour raised concerns about the state’s level of conservatism and the need for less government intervention. U.S. Sen. Mike Braun positioned himself as a fiscal conservative who prioritizes reducing deficits.

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