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## Background of the Situation

My daughters father and I have been separated for the past 9 years. After we separated, I couldn’t put him on child support because he doesn’t have papers, so we made a verbal agreement that he would give me money monthly. I was always able to provide for her without him because I’m well better off than he is, so I didn’t fuss or fight about the amount he told me he can provide me with each month. So every month he would give me $200 and that would really just help pay her school lunch or maybe a toy or something she wanted here and there. This went on from when she was 4-11.

## Current Situation

Once she turned 12, he asked me if he can stop giving me money for her because “she’s getting older and isn’t really expensive anymore”… Guess he wouldn’t really know because she lives with me and I’ve always been the one to provide for her. The older she gets, the more expensive she gets. I always had so much pity for him so I didn’t argue much about it. I told him that if he’s going to stop contributing financially towards her, then when she asks for certain things, he’s going to have to get it for her.

## Seeking Solution

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## Additional Challenges

I recently asked him if he can start contributing again monthly and his ignorant childish response was “but we agreed that I wouldn’t have to give you anything anymore” and I responded with “yeah I understand, but I NEED you to help now” and he responded again with “yeah but we already agreed” as if agreements can’t be broken and then says “you claim her each year and get tax credit back for her”. I BARELY get anything back from her. She saves me from not having to owe money back. What should I do? Speaking to him is like speaking to a 5 year old.

## Future Plans

I also gave him a form to sign and get notarized so that I can apply for my daughter’s passport because I wanted to take her overseas this summer. He said he’ll get it notarized but because i’m the one that wants to apply, I have to pay the notarization costs. He told me it was $30 and when I told him that didn’t sound right, he got defensive and told me he was going to rip the form and I can figure out how to apply for her on my own.

In addition to all this, he picks her up every weekend and drops her off. So Friday evening to Sunday morning she spends with him. He doesn’t do much with her, they go out to eat together and either hang out in his apartment, go to his mothers house or her aunt (his sister) would pick her up and take her to an arcade, movies, the city, etc.

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  • Cubsfantransplant

    If you didn’t file for child support through the courts then he doesn’t owe anything. If you want to have child support, file for it.

  • esteban1488

    Not having papers has nothing to do with being served by the court… a name and address should be fine, and if he has a tax ID number even better….