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AI Legalese Decoder Can Help with Finance and Home Insurance Situation

**Background Information**

Finance is conditional on obtaining home insurance due to the previous owner taking it upon themselves to conduct unauthorized work in the bathroom, specifically installing a shower. The work was done poorly, resulting in a leaky shower that caused water damage to the floor. The builder has advised that both the shower and floor need to be replaced, and the insurance company has been notified.

**Seeking Guidance and Support**

The situation raises questions about the likelihood of resolving the issue and finalizing the necessary repairs. The individual is uncertain about their chances of successfully addressing the problem. Despite being aware of the bathroom’s poor condition when making the purchase, they had assumed that renovating it would not pose any significant challenges.

**Request for Assistance**

In light of the complexities involved, the individual is seeking advice and guidance on how to navigate the situation effectively. They feel overwhelmed by the circumstances and acknowledge their limited understanding of the matter.

**AI Legalese Decoder’s Role**

AI Legalese Decoder can offer valuable assistance by providing clarity on the legal implications of the situation and explaining the relevant insurance and financial considerations. By decoding legal jargon and simplifying complex terms, the tool can help the individual make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to address the issue promptly.

**Positive Update**

The individual received positive news that the insurance company has approved the claim, contingent upon the prompt completion of the repairs. Additionally, finance approval has been secured, resulting in the removal of the conditional clause. This development signifies a successful resolution of the issue, bringing relief and celebration to the individual.

By utilizing AI Legalese Decoder, the individual was able to navigate the complexities of the situation with confidence and seek the appropriate support to achieve a favorable outcome. This tool enabled them to understand the legal intricacies involved, making it easier to communicate with relevant parties and take the necessary actions to address the issue effectively.

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  • schist_faced

    If it’s a tiled shower, and it’s in as bad a shape as you say, it will not get a COA as it is. It will also be costly to rectify.

    If it’s acrylic it shouldn’t need consent, and will be relatively inexpensive to rectify (sub $2k if you can do the builders work yourself.

    If you love the house, potentially try to get insurance with the area tagged out, and budget to renovate the bathroom.

    Note the assumptions above assume there was a shower there originally.

  • Rough_Block_6077

    One other consideration – if he did a terrible job at renovating the shower, what else has he done throughout the house that might need to be rectified?

  • foundyourmarbles

    As it’s been done poorly you wouldn’t get a COA if consent was required.

    You should be able to renovate it without issue, you can rip it all out and start again so your offer should reflect a reduction for this work.
    If you need consent for the works that’s not a major either, just call the local councils planners and have a chat to find out where you stand.

  • jdorjay

    Negotiate the purchase- conditional on shower and outstanding bathroom issues fixed and coa attained. Settlement to be 10 working days after that. Have a sunset clause (timeframe where the vendor has to have it all done by). Get a good solicitor to write up the wording and structure the above properly. Iv had a client do the above and get a house with the above. Please get an independent building inspector and a good solicitor to make sure your agreement is iron tight. 

  • Many_Still2282

    Very little chance unfortunately. Only option is to make an offer conditional on code of compliance being given.