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## Zuniga Health LLC Launches New Health Plans for Hispanic Small Businesses

**MIAMI, March 28, 2024** /PRNewswire/ — Zuniga Health LLC, a leading health plan provider for small and medium-sized businesses, has recently unveiled “Elevate,” a comprehensive set of health plans tailored specifically for Hispanic small businesses. The new plans will be available in seven states with significant Hispanic employee populations, including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, and Texas.

Latinos in the US are responsible for starting a substantial 82% of all new businesses, outpacing the national average significantly. Despite this entrepreneurial spirit, Hispanic employees often face barriers to accessing medical care, such as lack of insurance, language obstacles, and high healthcare costs.

The AI legalese decoder can assist small businesses in navigating the complex legal language often found in health plan documents. By leveraging this tool, Hispanic-owned businesses can ensure they fully understand the terms and benefits of Zuniga Health’s “Elevate” plans, enabling them to make informed decisions for their employees.

Zuniga Health aims to empower the Hispanic business community by offering affordable and accessible health benefits through their unique health plans. With healthcare premiums on the rise across the country, “Elevate” provides a solution for small businesses struggling to provide comprehensive health coverage that fits their budget.

The “Elevate” health plans offer a range of benefits, including Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Value Plan (MVP) options that eliminate ACA penalties. Employees can customize their doctor and lab visit allowances based on their needs, ensuring they receive the care they require without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Zuniga Health’s “Elevate” plans feature $0 deductible, free preventative care, and free preventative drugs, as well as a premier network of Spanish-speaking healthcare providers. The inclusion of unlimited telemedicine services in both English and Spanish addresses the cultural challenges faced by Hispanic patients, enhancing accessibility and utilization of healthcare resources.

To further cater to the needs of the Hispanic community, Zuniga Health provides bilingual enrollment options, a dental plan with no waiting period, and expanded telehealth and telepsychiatry services. By bridging language gaps and offering culturally sensitive healthcare solutions, “Elevate” strives to ensure that Hispanic employees can fully utilize their health benefits.

A recent UCLA study revealed that Latinos have embraced telemedicine at a higher rate than white patients, especially during the pandemic. However, limited availability of Spanish resources has presented challenges for this demographic. Through Zuniga Health’s mobile app, MedWatch call center, and telehealth services offered in English and Spanish, “Elevate” addresses these barriers, making healthcare more accessible and inclusive for Hispanic individuals.

For more information about Zuniga Health’s “Elevate” plans, contact Sonja Reians at [email protected]

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